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Leo Monthly Love Reading


Hey, crazy how you doing and no I'm not talking about your mental health I'm talking about your emotional outburst. You could have a love interest or interested in someone but they believe in you more than you believe in yourself. It could be some insecurities here that keep you stuck on old things instead of being focused on the now. This could be a soulmate and it might scare you because this person is way more spiritual than you. It could be the other way around someone is stuck in they comfort zone and scared to step out of the normal because they spiritual belief system has them got them so far. Someone may fear that they have to give up too much to be with you because they different from your usual type.

Someone may be more loud or sexual than what you are used to but I do see some form of adjustments being made. Someone maybe trans and not tell somebody because they think this person may not accept them baby, they already clocked you before you clocked them. You been waiting to let your guard down for a minute but at the same time you are confused because this is coming to easy for you. Taurus. For others I see you stepping more in your sensitive side when it comes to love because somebody been getting, they ego bruised around here. Trying to be seductive, promiscuous, and trying to make people jealous ain’t been working in your favor its being passed off as wrong and problematic. You may think you are having an effect on this person but it is giving the complete opposite. I see somebody being a fool enough to chase you. Cancer

Always check the Venus placements if the sun sign doesn’t match the story. Whoever this is that is spiritual is invasive like a motherfucker they be all up in people spaces like who gave them the right too. You might have set some boundaries or spiritual protection more because I don’t like it, that don't mean they don't like it but it causes their feelings to shift all the time. People fail to understand the power that the 3-D holds you can think something and do the complete opposite I am a prime example of this shit every day. Somebody is saying no to drama and not arguing with you I'm hearing I'm living my best life ain’t going back forward with you niggas. They may come off ass passive to you but they just don’t want to argue with you.

They feel like standing their ground gives them power which is perfectly fine because people have this thing where they think just because you are in a relationship you get to allow your partner to disregard your feelings. Like they been taking care of them before they meet you so why do they have to adhere to your rules all the time that’s not fair. Somebody likes to say shit that’s fighting words and go to bed angry and stressed because they know they have done something to hurt one or the other feelings but pride gets the best of them. So, the cycles keep repeating if you like it, I love it.

Someone has to do some shadow work because something about their energy throwing off their sacral balance. It could lead to some form of health issues to if someone isn’t careful. Always use a latex so you want end up with a late text in the book of Lil Wayne. Somebody has a sexual appetite out of this world and it is pretty dark and draining at times. I dare not say but it’s giving succubus and I had a good time, did you? Just make sure you're eating properly and staying hydrated. It's really giving pimp and hoe type vibes when it’s comes to somebody sex life.

You don’t have to be everything for everybody that’s how you burn yourself out and feel like you aren’t appreciated. If this partner or you who is hypersexual or always trying to please their partner someone isn’t in to that all the time and I see that coming to an end. It may cause and issues in the relationship because this person may think you don’t want them or vice versus it just doesn’t give off the vibe that you actually like them. It is actually misleading so you may think you are coming off one way when you aren’t. Someone may feel like they are settling so they are going along with the flow because they don’t want to upset someone but deep down, they over it. Cancer, Gemini, Pisces, and Scorpio.

This may lead to some hurt feelings instead of running away learn how to hear people out because everything isn’t about you all the time. Libra. This creates a lot of conflict and make it seems as if someone is messy and full of drama because it seems like someone has a lot of options to choose from without actually choosing. Do you want a relationship or someone to admire you? You can be honest this is a safe space but make sure you say it over there. That old heart break you holding onto ain’t hurting nobody but you because you don’t want to acknowledge it, feel it, or even speak on it. You just keep trying to come up with ways to emotionally suppress it. And find yourself in meaningless commitments while people just continuously throw themselves at your every need.

All ima say is I would be scared to date you or whoever this is because they know how to push somebody away and make people beg for their attention. Somebody is just cold hearted like that when its good its good but when its bad baby its bad. Bad to the bone. And if you aren't in a commitment and just dating you got somebody that is just looking at how you treat other people. Just know they may leave or ever decide to stay. Somebody a tough one to deal with. Ummm Mhhmm.

KEYWORDS: Best Life by Lil Duval, Love Now by Calvin Harris, emotional roller coaster, confused displaced, infidelity, trauma written, one track minded, and mean.



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