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Leo Energy Reading


Keywords: Cosmic Alignment, Cosmic Balance, Cosmic Rewards

I don't know who needs to hear this but please move the hell on. Staying stagnant in certain situations that do not serve you and it is emotionally exhausting and preferably nobody cares. I know it may seem harsh but continuing running back to the past is the reason why everybody is leaving you behind and you can not do nothing about it. Everybody doesn't want to be there and that is perfectly fine. It gives me the toddler syndrome where someone is cutting up because they want something out of the store and they can’t get it. And someone doesn't understand that everybody isn’t able not because they aren’t financially stable but because they don't have the emotional resources, mental resources, or just the verbal energy to go there with you. For some this is a cycle that happens every two- three days and it is time to wrap this up. If you need psychological help go get it but draining everybody in the process. Look around and ask yourself how many arguments have you had this past 4 months.

And how many sorrys have you given to replace the hurt you have bestowed onto other people. Now remember LEO it doesn't have to be you, it could be someone who did this to you. Remember this is an energy reading and the message is going to come out regardless it is up to you to pick and choose what message applies and what doesn't. But if it is a relationship child, someone is tired of showing yo ass that they love you. The arguments, drama, chaos, and the emotional meltdowns are dreary ass hell. When do you have peace because someone is in sheer Mars energy and it is ruining everybody's life? I mean when is enough, enough. Someone has to learn how to walk away or simply leave this individual alone. You know my favorite saying as long as these legs work and I am going to leave.

But enough of that let's get into this message because I know a sensitive ass Leo is going to take this message personal. Now, for my other Leo's good job on the releasing work you have been doing because that heart chakra isn’t going to clear itself out by itself. Someone needs to do some sacral chakra work, preferably an inner child wound that may be linked to a traumatic experience or an emotion that had left them in a form of lack. You know how somebody wanted something so bad but they couldn't make more of it. It could be food, clothes, home, or even friends but it is time to release that. Because the adult you needs you because you have been neglecting him/her for so long and putting up with things that do not serve you. Settling for jobs, causing fights, lingering with arguments, being late to the party, and always coming off aloof to other people's feelings. And someone is being called out for this. Because their tyrant ways is more than enough to deal with on a fucking Monday coming into work and you’ve only had a cup of coffee.

I’m hearing don’t push me because I'm close to the edge and you may be driving someone stir crazy. Ima be honest here someone is doing this purposefully and someone is determined to put you down if you are the one causing the chaos. Because someone is in revenge energy and they don’t care to deal with the rah rah of it all. Because for some this person never knows when enough is enough or to walk away. And you are about to meet your match and this is life. Those pitfalls, emotional breakdowns, blow back on magic, and health scares is just the tip of the iceberg if you don’t change your course of action with life. It’s like you are living just to die and let me say. Some may think this is cool but when you end up being reincarnated for the umptenth time going through the same thing and landed in a family that bloodline is cursed. You’ll be begging your God or whatever you believe in to free you from emotional turmoil, pain, and affliction.

Someone has to work on their issues with authority because you can’t challenge everybody when it comes to how they feel. I don’t know if you grew up with strict parents or having people who didn't love you enough to correct you. Because in order to correct a fool is to become one. So the knowledge you seek may run away from you because why would others want to be you when you fail to listen. In order to seek guidance is to be able to hear someone speak, not just you talking. The emotional combative energy only puts people in the energy to give you half ass messages, lie to you, and push you on by your way without the proper information you need. And for some of you may finding out that someone has been lying to you. And it doesn't feel good because while everybody was at the party eating their finger foods you were being misled, lied on, or lied to. For others I'm hearing karma because you've been doing this to other people for a long time. So, it was about time that this facade came tumbling down because it wasn’t the real you anyway.

Now, for others it’s time to leave that job, group, coven, or clout chasers because it is ruining your credibility in the game. Someone has one foot in the past but is trying to persevere in the future. If you don’t get your hard headed ass out of the sand and come on and get to where you are going so we can scoot the hell on. Because your boss is shitty and I don't know who needs to hear this. Your lover is half ass doing their job. I know this message is harsh but someone has been in that spirit realm too much and that crown chakra is giving me dizziness. Someone needs to learn to ground themselves before they go to sleep and set intentions so they can be on the physical plane and not the spiritual one. Astral projection is tearing your physical body up because whoever this is, is trying to have access to planes that Guides, Gods, and Angels didn't give them access too. Why do you think you are always sick?

Child, you think that is a recurring illness that pops up from time to time no, baby that is spirit. And to my people who are suffering with illness speed pass that thank you or check your north node. For others I like to read all of them because what my zodiac sign doesn't have another post may be more relatable.

Now let's get back on subject because someone likes to avoid serious conversation because they are a jester. They do this all the time when you call them out and this is why some of you are so angry with this person at this time. Because the actions they keep displaying comes off as if they have no remorse for anyone else but themselves. So, you find yourself talking in circles about the same things over and over again because someone has selective memory or listening skills when it comes to other people. I don't know who needs to hear this but baby you are selfish as hell. And quite frankly why nobody ever tells you this, is it fear? Because child I would've been told you to shut up the hell up and went on with my day. Because you are not the only person in the world going through the same things. It’s called the matrix for a reason. Why do you think we bond so easily? Fate, destiny, or coincidence? Now it can be random when we meet people who mirror our lives. But ever so often you need to seek out some spiritual help higher than you.

NOW, IF THIS IS A RECURRENT THING YOU ARE IN A KARMIC CYCLE, LOOP, SOUL CONTRACT, OR YOU MAYBE DEALING WITH A NARCISSISTIC INDIVIDUAL. And you may need more help than you think. And the help out in these streets this day and age is running for the hills because the spiritual abuse has been real. Why do you think your favorite content creators hasn’t been posting much? Spiritual warfare has been at an all time high.

In the words of my father the more I talk to you the dumber I get. Somebody needs to adapt to this analogy if you want to keep some form of this relationship that you are so dead set on having. Because if you are a solution oriented person you may recognize that everything doesn't need to be solved, someone is just melodramatic ass hell. And the fact that they can’t get a grip on their emotions causes a lot of turbulence in your life. It’s not your job to fix everybody or your partner. Learn to let go and breathe because if this is a relationship you are destined for a ride. It’s gone get greater later but forcing things right now when the timing is off is only going to cause you heartbreak. You know them people that break up and get back together thats y’all. And if I was y’all family come here, let me tell you a secret you would be on a block list. You and the family group chat. Amen



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