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Dangerous game, love affair, fatal attraction, from lust to love to like, emotionally confusion, and dishonesty. Somebody needs to get a room nobody wants to see your PDA all of the time because someone needs a censor it's kinda of borderline rude. Remember the message could be you or someone you know. Now let's get back on subject someone may have love affair going on its only based upon, drugs, sex, and money anything else its nothing really there. It’s giving let's get a room and get and high and naked I’ll plug the video I did on this a few months back. For some you are looking for something more but you feel you should settle because either you or someone doesn’t want to change, they feelings about you or another person. All you do is argue, fuss, and fight and there no conclusion to reason of why.

You have someone that is petty that likes to argue just because or when things aren't working or going in their favor. “PROJECTION”! And for some ima keep it bean because that's what keeps it so spicy around there if you know what I mean wink, wink. If you have been feeling desensitized it's because the fights and arguments don’t work anymore and someone is over it. I hear one of you about to get the hell out of dodge and fast because someone can't take it anymore. It's arguing about the bills, the finer things in life, and other things. It's like that Bobby Womack song If You Think You Lonely Now and for some you are tired of hearing it because someone wants something more. I don’t think it’s a relationship I think its to be more stable. For some if you have been that toxic ex, you gone have someone who gone accuse of wanting to be with someone else and they gone push you right into the arms of another lover.

All the meanwhile you don’t even want they ass, somebody just wants a peace of mind and I was fina say a damn peace of mind at that. It’s like you losing control while at the same time wanting to give a fuck less but you can’t because you have bills to pay and mouths to feed. Remember one monkey don’t stop no show. For as business revisit your business plan it is and idea you have that isn't all the way thought out you may have to share your idea with someone you trust because they got eyes you can't see. So, whenever you go for the launch whether this is a business, club, bar, or restaurant it never takes off the way you want it too even if you got word of mouth. It’s missing something a vibe of who you are trying to be. If you have been placing all your eggs in many baskets, you gone have to take a chance on you. When it comes to your ideas you don’t give it this is all I have and ima fight for it because you have too many things going on.

Something or someone has to go on autopilot in your life while you get your main affairs in order because you are all over the place from home, to career, kids, life, and even your dating life. It’s giving what the hell. No ma’am this isn’t your practice life. Somebody got get this ass back in shape and stay focus on the task because you losing too much money like you are gambling man and this isn’t that itchy palm vibe. You have to know when to hold them and when to fold. It's time to tell some people no thank you, I thank you for the advice but right now I don’t need it because that shit ain’t working for you no damn way. You hard headed as hell and these people only add aggravations to you and they are of no service. I'm not saying you don’t want someone to listen to you but you confiding and listening to the wrong motherfuckers even if they got, they shit together it just don’t work for you and you just don’t get it.

Your motivation ain’t they motivation so this is where you ready to lose it all behind wanting to run and hide because your tired and got too many people in your business. Baby, a hoe ain’t fina run me off my bag they gone have to carry me out with it. So, don’t ever let a motherfucker fuck up your paper even its you. Oh, and that retail therapy shit has to stop because it’s not helping at all. You just got closets full of shit and no room for nothing else in your life. How you gone make time for a relationship when all you got is you. It's time to reorganize and access some things in your life because it’s giving closed off and me vibes. So, if people ain’t being wanting to stay around it’s because you giving off you got you and this may be a problem. Because someone is saying help me meanwhile you got somebody that's saying you got to give a little. You can’t be tight lip, tight fist, and closed minded when it comes to help.

The help ain’t gone look like what you used to. -PYA! And this maybe a lesson you learning when it comes down to humility. I ain’t saying you can’t go out and have a good time but when that good time got you hanging out with anybody it’s time to say hold up now bitch I'm down bad and I got to regroup this shit. Because when you in places that you aren’t supposed to be in guess what its some damn trouble that’s gone follow that shit. One of y’all mamas curse like a sailor like me. Whoever that is that go the spirit of lust on them it’s gone be the demise of you because somebody who you screwing on ain’t too right. If you keep being available for someone else's mess it seems like people gone label you messy and it might be your ex. Spirit said this isn’t a sign to take your ex back this is the time to get in the car and get the hell out of dodge.

They problems still gone be there this might be a test to see what are you going to do. Because this person knows how to pull you down when you feeling up its they trick they do when everything going wrong. Spirit said they don’t know why you ain’t caught on to this gimmick yet they been doing it for years or even months. WATCH THE ADVICE YOU GIVE AND RECEIVE AT THIS TIME IT’S SOMETHING IN IT FOR SOMEONE ELSE! #PYA! Sometimes the person that may be of help maybe for a season and you trying make them stay a life time. Take your support and go forth in your life you’ll know who supposed to be around listen to your higher self. Someone has a lot of spiritual activity going around they head it may be orbs whether they are light or dark. I don’t know if you made a spiritual bond with something but it's time to remove yourself from it because it’s becoming a massive block in your health, finances, or spiritual wealth. It's knocking you down in spiritual rank because of this person.

You may have someone who been feasting off of your chi or you made some type of spiritual bond with something and honey that shit needs to be gone like asap. Like today! Not tomorrow but today it’s gotta go like now I hope you get the gist. If it is arguments going on at this time stop taking the bait. Either stop bringing it up or letting someone bait you back into the same old things. Either stay the same or change the game because somebody be betting on a response. And spirit said pay them no mind because it’s pointless they’ll get mad and go away eventually. Now this fatal attraction is actually kind of sick because this is someone that acts like you broke them, I don’t know if you did. It's giving I'll lock you in the house and torture you before I let you go off and be with someone else.

Even if you pregnant this person probably will beat a baby out of you and I don’t wish that on my enemy. Baby love them enough to let they ass go. Don’t nobody need to be with someone that loves them that much baby loves me enough to release me. Because whoever this is that is catty and jealous just don’t want to go without a fight, they feel like you going down with them because you either caused them to go down a certain path that they didn’t want to. Whether this was getting them hooked on drugs, playing mind games, buying them shit, being in they face, or always being available for every problem they have. Baby this a black widow! And somebody has some shadow work they need to do so whoever this is they ain’t themselves. So, if it was an entity or something attached to them and they get it removed they may come back and apologize. For the ones confused if it's gone, they still gone come back and apologize you gone know by they hand gestures, leg movements, or how they look you in your face.

And for the ones that taking this advice don’t make that shit obvious fool because this gone tick them the hell off. Stay prayed up and focused, awareness is the only thing you need to be at this time. So, you can be able to get a better handle on things in your life.



I do not own rights to this picture it was found on Pinterest. Tarot deck in the picture is traditional Rider Waithe! If you created this feel free to tag me I'll shout you out!

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