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Leo Energy Reading


Before I get into this reading, please do some throat chakra mediations, or throat chakra work. I have been pondering on the messages I have and usually they flow out with ease. You do know there are many ways of communicating your feelings and sometimes being nonverbal doesn’t mean that you can’t get out a pen and paper. Shit email, text messages, voice memos, and video recordings can help especially if you trying to get a point across to someone. I’ll be mindful if you trying to make a point to someone because the Queen of Wands in the reverse so you may not come off, the way you think you coming off.

Now the song y’all had was Distance by Yebba the reason I post these song is for you to listen to them and see what emotions come over you while you are listening to the song. Hell, it might be your favorite song to listen to on repeat especially when you are in your feelings. I do feel like that if you are odds with someone, I think distance isn’t working for you because somehow some way you find a way to pull them back or they do. Another thing that came up was that you lose interest to fast. Boy I bet you hard to please. Head nods and walk off silently before you could think about what I just said. IF YOU ARE FEELING FINIANICALLY FRISKY JUST SEND IT TO ME. – MANAGEMENT

KEYWORDS: emotional blocks, going about things in the same way, repetitive cycles, haven’t you learned your lesson yet, who is money hungry like this, focusing on money is your problem, ever heard of a vacation, somebody is cold hearted when they feelings hurt, and hidden emotions being brought to for forefront.

Family quarrels are being brought up to the forefront and somebody doesn’t want to realize they acting like they momma. It may seem hard to believe but being emotionally all over the place, hoping from one thing to the next, and seeking instant gratification has you in a rut. I do feel like your career goals are getting the best of you because you are working too hard to obtain your finances by any means necessary, but I don’t see you being fulfilled. For some of you guys it’s the generally attention you may or may not be attracting at the time, so you decide to give up and start something new. If you could just focus and just work on what is the outcome you would like to receive from your goals and aspirations, you would go so much farther. I don’t think some of y’all ever had a hype man growing up, so you go to hard to receive the accolades, compliments, and support from other people.

I do feel like old emotions that are coming back up are for you to deal with childhood issues because somebody has blocked out a lot of emotions. For some of you it is as simple feeling abandoned, being hypersexual, needing comfort, chasing after a boy, being easy influence, a mother who worked too hard for money to financially sustain. Some of you maybe in competition with a parent whether they are alive or not. Its like you are trying to be better than them by still being them because they lived and struggled too. No, I’m not talking about being absent, a night walker, crazy about men, jealous, rude, or a gossip. For some it maybe but being overly independent or relying on you just too damn much. Is draining.

I feel like its time to actually be free yourself without running away from things that try to emotionally, mentally, spiritually, or physically try to control you. For some of y’all it’s pulling back from technology, substances, partying, and people pleasing. It is making you feel off and emotionally unhappy making you feel like you are lost when you know what it is you are supposed to be doing. Also learning how to walk away from arguments and drama because if you say or do something you didn’t mean you’re the one who is still stuck on the issue. The other party may have developed some callously nature towards you or even walked away hurt leaving you speechless and still tormented over the pain you have caused them, or they have caused you.

Oh, and if you have been playing in that spirit realm too much, please stop because your physical body isn’t rejuvenating like it used too. Apply the spiritual knowledge that is given to you and watch it flourish you trying too hard. Without hard work you reap no rewards that doesn’t mean being the do gooder and trying to achieve the success. But actually, paying attention to what you can and knocking off those small milestones and being appreciative. You can’t become the master if you aren’t willing to be the student and being the master doesn’t mean being like them but your version of who you are supposed to be.


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