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Leo Energy Reading



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Now, Leo season doesn’t seem like its gone be best for those of the collective that struggle with knowing when and when not to use their feminine/masculine energy. I mean when you call in all of your energy it’s really, not about picking and choosing its just being emotionally aware of your body. For those of y’all that don’t follow the spiritual journey then this is just a light tug. And to be spiritual doesn’t affect your religion, its just how you connect with your God and do the things you’re supposed to do.

Now I had a couple of downloads that came in that was giving me a glimpse of what Leo season was going to be about. I mean Leo’s is the only zodiac that I know that will celebrate they whole birthday for the month of July and August. I mean Virgo season just be sitting there and they be like hell nawl baby its my time to shine. The energy for people who are coming out of a dark place can easily lead some people down, some of the wrong paths.

I mean I find this one joke that astrologers say that if the Devil had to be any zodiac sign it would be a Leo. Now let’s get into what we shall expect.

1.Sexual liberation came up especially for those of you who struggle with body your images such as; body dysmorphia, appearances, true sex appeal, and standing in your own essence. Now on the flip side this can go to shit really fast because you have people that are hypersexual beings that will find themselves in bed with anyone. Making dumb decisions, like making a baby with someone who you don’t like. Valuing someone more based off sex than actually getting to know who they are. To me Leo season is giving us the time to sit back, relax, and getting a little more comfortable with ourselves.

Whether that’s going out for drinks with a curfew, buying a new an outfit, finally getting that haircut, signing up for the gym, and getting a new a color.

I mean there are plenty of ways to feel sexually liberated than to constantly be having meaningless one night stands especially when you are lonely. Now for those of you whom has experienced some form of sexual trauma you may or may not be ready to go see a counselor and finally tell yourself that I don’t want to take on my abusers’ energy. Just make sure that you aren’t moving off the emotion of grief that you make rash decisions that you’ll end up regretting.

I know your tried of feeling pain and going through the ringer with yourself, but don’t allow yourself to put you back last ever again. In a non-selfish way.

2. Recreational use came up. Now baby let me tell you, some of y’all don’t know when to cut the party off. The sun has been at a perfect temperature not too hot, but too hot for my all-black wearing ass. That’s neither here nor there just follow, the story. That some of y’all are forgetting that school is right around the corner check them habits that you are festering on because the harvesting season is right around the corner.

We don’t need you getting mad at lil man, man, because you been up all night watching your favorite Tv shows and partying all week because your babysitter is easier to find. Contrary to popular belief Leo’s like to help, but if they intentions or anyone intentions aren’t evolved it tends to get in the way. And usually results into drama. Watch out for that blame game because accountability is at an all-time high. This is the best time to figure out what is an ain’t working in your life. Because I’m telling you when them kids start school and college seems to be opening back up it’s like everybody be losing, they mind.

Like they didn’t know what the hell was coming. Sweetie, figure out what you need and if you can’t then just endure the drama that this season is going to bring.

3. Tapping back into the ego. Having an ego really ain’t that bad all of your favorite rappers, actors/actress, and singers damn near got a Leo rising, “awkwardly stares into space”. The ego is what pushes us to do the things that we feel is needed at the time. If your intentions are not evolved and you are round here acting like the 20-year-old at the party that’s always in mess. Please see section 2, paragraph three, and sentence 4.

Because don’t nobody have time to be sitting around here going over things that you knew was a problem before you even did it. Folks tired, Joe done cut these checks you know how people is when they are getting a little recurring money. They could care less about what you got going on. I mean the whole family drama, work drama, friend’s drama, and relationships drama is quite frankly getting old. I’m staring to see that people who like to keep up mess only like it because that’s the only way they know how to get attention.

But the way karma has been dishing out problems like a reverse card at an uno game and somebody got a stack of them and ready uno out. Chile, she ain’t been playing, one because we have so many humans who think they God messing up the planetary alignment. I already knew when scientist ass took, they ass over there to study astrology and done changed the dates. The fury and the anger it made me feel, felt like a punch to the stomach.

I said what the hell is this, because these shifts I been feeling been having me like Boosie on that 3 second clip of him saying come on man…

So, make sure that you ain’t doing things just because you can because Cancer season was a bit rough for folks and don’t nobody got, time for the drama. As we end this out Cancers love to have a shit show whether they fight you, curse you out, or emotionally hurt you. Baby this season didn’t even have time for them. If you value people they way you do, just make sure you ain’t doing them a disservice just to service you.

4. Last but least, risking what you love for instant reward. Now you snake oil salesman. Hear me out. Every time they do this damn tax-free weekend y’all folks that is money hungry don’t never make sure you got all your ducks in a row. Y’all just see money and start wanting to get it. If you and your team ain’t had a meeting on a product you are especially trying to push. Please result to strategizing your marketing skills and wait till November.

If it’s something you been wanting to do, and your ass don’t have a no man around you that their voice actually matters. Just pause take a breath and keep it moving. It’s not saying that you’re ain’t capable of doing anything, did you not read three? It’s just making sure you hear people out everything ain’t about you, especially if its dealing in business.

This can also refer to spending that money you gone need for gas on weed, hair, haircuts, shoes, sections, alcohol and nails. The pocket watchers are out and folks ready to say my kids needs this. Meanwhile them kids ain’t ate right all this summer including mines, but he ate something though. Thank you.

This could also result to making decisions in a relationship without consulting with your partner such as; signing them up for counseling, suggesting they should do things they don’t want to, and finding a new church home. Baby Covieisha made all of us lazy and we forgot what we’re supposed to be doing. That are bodies are just getting back into the rhythm okay. So take your time and sing this part of the song getting to know you, getting to know all about you..

Take all this with a grain a salt and if you don’t just imagine I flashed you with a light like off of Men in Black and you’ll forget I ever wrote this blog.


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