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Legacies Recap Facing The Shadow


If anybody who know me knows that I’m not big on Tv unless it’s something supernatural, crime like, or cartoon like. For as of lately I have been on a hiatus from watching Tv not because I don’t like certain Tv shows but being on social media all day kinda takes away from me being able to watch tv. But when I do some shit starts to just click. Baby I’m sitting here watching Legacies episode 15 season 4 and let me tell you it was something else to me. For those of us who do shadow work we can tell you it ain’t nothing pretty about facing the things you’ve done that you don’t want people to know about. Let just say social media tell you its beautiful, girl please stop listening to all those lies.

The shadow is our survival mechanism, things we do to fit in i.e., the physiology aspect, the place where we hide from our true selves, how we sabotage, lie, create fear or become it, the place where we tell ourselves it only safe to live, and last but least the confidence to do the things we wouldn’t dare. It is the place that keeps us from exposing our true nature even to a confidant or even in love. It is the vulnerability we crave while at the same time tense up at the thought of being emotionally vulnerable in the arms of another. And many on this healing journey rarely make it that far on their path to self-evolution because they like the lies of saying they are put together. When in reality they are not it just a mere illusion of what life could be.

Like putting a band aid on a flesh wound and saying I am healed but in reality, they are in pain suffering from the consequences of their actions or the actions others have made. But enough of that lets get into this recap.

CHILD IF Y’ALL KNOW, HOPE MICHAELSON BEEN GETTING ON MY NERVES but I been riding because I’m faithful. But, “whew” talk about I been ready to break up with this mother f*****. And you have to get it I think they are teenagers, child I don’t know what age these people are. All I know is after Nicholas passed they had been babying Hope the whole entire season because they feared her power more than she did. And one they never found a cure or the tool to kill her, so they always found a way to ease or manipulate her into experiences that they felt is best for her. Boy, did that come back and bite them in they ass. Quick recap she seen her mom die, her father die, and even her first love pass. So, I get the holding on to hope while wanting to break down.

But how can she breakdown when she has so many people who look up to her and expect so much from her. She has to deal with the twins who been in competition with her the first 3 seasons and even since childhood. Child, they just came around. So, all that love they are giving should’ve been there in the first place but the fact they have their own human experience we’ll give them a past. Girl, but let’s get to Hope ass because she been doing some foul ass shit since this season has started. After she couldn’t deal with choices, she made she basically had mental breakdown and went into emotional shutdown mode. That last scene was giving when a person who suffers from BPD and finally submits to the fact that the are not their illness. If you caught that you the real MVP.

But baby that Hope tired to kill the daddy, even went after her friends, threaten to kill them over and over again, used them as sacrificial bait, and basically tried to dominate them over and over again. All because she had to mercy kill her boyfriend because he was possessed by his father. Now, killing somebody ain’t no joke how because I’m an empath and I be going through it when I’m watching the Tv. Child, I be more hurt than the actors. This is why yo should never watch a movie with me. But instead of letting her friends be there for her she pushed them away. And quite frankly it was refreshing to see because I went through the same shit in 2014 and everybody got the monster out of me for years.

Only because I had put up with so much stuff and when I finally needed protection, peace, and solace such as them I snapped when I didn’t get it. So, I understand being fed up with people in your life, but they be showing clear signs to cut they ass off way before the massive fallouts. And when you are having fallouts with people you have to be weary of the shadow saying you don’t need nobody because you can quickly isolate yourself from people. And some people want to see you suffer only because you hurt them while you were on your hedonistic path to self-glory. No apologies, no amends, or acknowledgment can fix the pain people have felt from your actions.

I mean people gave Hope many chances after she would gladly burn that bridge with them. They would try to extend a hand to her by putting up with her manipulation, arguments, fights, and torture on a constant basis. Talk about a ticking time bomb! But in the end, they held out hope for her, child ain’t nobody alive gave me that much grace. They are all dead by the way did you not here me say I used to get my ass knocked off. But when her folks summoned her to the astral plane to turn on her humanity baby, she lost it she tried everything in her body to fight her emotions from coming back on. It was like an intervention gone wrong, but she finally succumbed to her biggest fear. Which was herself.


She was going through an internal conflict on who she was supposed to be. Like this monstrous beast that people are scared of or the loving being who suppressed her powers and allowed people to display theirs all the time. Talk about a way of having an unhealthy relationship with her ego. CHILE IS ALL I GOT TO SAY!

Boy, make sure you are doing your shadow work and you getting honest about the problems in your life. Where did your power lie when you did x, y, and z? And when did you feel your power being taken away from you in situations where you felt you should’ve spoke up? And what did you do about it? What is weakness to you?


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