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Late Night Read

As I sat in the tub a card in my deck was saying this isn’t a sign to take your ex back. I said to myself what the hell does this have to do with me as the soap was burning my eyes. Maybe I ain’t seeing something clearly or someone has been tugging on my energy trying to get in contact with me and let me you I been out of service. Emotionally unavailable, distant, and cold hearted but not to me though. I know how not to share my bad mood with others I don’t wake up and start projecting that shit onto to other people. But I decided to sit down a pull a few and see what these messages is about so here we go.

First card out was the Devil upright: for some of you, you have some hidden addiction or an obsession with something and it is getting the best of you. You may have developed this liking or attraction to it from someone who you hang with. The word to be exact is counterpart, you may be going through a spat and this person is always available to listen to be there for you when you feel like your person isn’t. Baby, this isn’t problem in the relationships it is your lack of emotional depth everything isn't about you and that is a major thing. Someone has a third party who gives them too much attention and they think they person is supposed to substitute this and that is crazy as hell. Because whoever this is has commitment issues and it is exhausting to deal with on a day-to-day basis so it may be fun to hang but someone likes to push it a lot. If this is some open commitment then, that’s fine but someone is about to lose, they main because of this quick adrenaline rush they get from this person, substance, place, or idea.


Now some of y’all this pillow talking is getting annoying because some of you may be having an affair and you telling your partners business and this is crossing some boundary. Because it has to do with house work, cooking, cleaning, or just the overall standards of you or the home. And this comes off as complaining because your partner always throws this up because you got time to go do x, y, and z but not time for them. I heard make it make sense.

THE HERMIT: The clash of the titans, because somebody is mad at someone work ethic and how they create, and spew out nonsense. This could be spiritual beliefs, sexual beliefs, or just your sex life. I don’t know if someone likes to make passes at people partners or think that it is okay to share the details of each other sex life all the time. For some this person is spiritual invasive like a motherfucker, for others someone tries to always upscale the other person. To make it seems as if you aren’t sexually enough so it may be to try to lure someone in the bedroom or in bed with them and this could be a couple that someone wants no parts of. Child, you see why ima go live in a hole and say fuck that relationship shit. You may be going silent and not speaking at this time and it may leave some people confused because they want to know what someone has going on.

You may be thinking about quitting a job, packing up and moving out of state, or moving onto someone new. I just heard you over it and you don’t care anymore and some people don’t like this side of you because for some they straight took advantage of you. And you have others coming in trying to do the same things but different tactics same motives. And you can see that shit through they smile, spirit said someone has a smile that can cut through cardboard. It's seeming evil and not for good. If you feel the need to cry let that shit out because some of you have been carrying energy that it isn’t yours so this season you are going to be feeling the effects of what unburdened emotionally, mentally, psychically, spiritually, and financially feels like. And this may show up in the form of losing some things out of your life.

FALL OUTS TWO OF CUPS IN REVERSED: Real friends don’t shade each other- #PYA! Someone may have said something or did something that was purposefully mean. They wanted a reaction out of someone and got it and this was the straw that broke the camel's back. For some you think this person was waiting on reason to cut you off because they got some money and this person is selfish. On the other hand, someone always deal with you and your negative comments all of the time and that day someone had it with you. And this keeps coming up because y’all be having too many people in your business so when y’all make amends people think it’s crazy because someone be gossiping about someone like a dog behind, they back. And the fly on the wall who is the third party or the secret keeper is probably going to get blamed for something they had no parts of.

Because someone feels like that just because someone is money hungry, they supposed to take all money from anyone or get it how they live. And for this person they want no parts of this because this may have something to do with work, a contract, or some state of paperwork. And this could be getting someone fired, a smear campaign, or stealing of finances. Someone is trying to steal someone's glory, shine, or rise to fame. For some this is leading someone into a false contract and taking all of someone ideas and trying to exploit them. For others this has something to do with spirituality somebody is out here pretending to a teacher, preacher, or healing but it’s all a hoax. They only in it for the bag and this has some people shocked because they thought someone was the real deal. I heard they won’t go down without a scandal. (Saturn in Aquarius) exile energy.

The real story behind this is someone is on social media pretending to be someone when they aren’t and they are or where raking in doe for services someone else offers. And they did something to someone social media crush and this how or why this person is threating to expose them because I keep hearing dead wrong. So, this person knew what they were doing is wrong they just didn’t give a fuck how it affected the other person they just wanted they rise to fame. And now you have a group of individuals who are trying to get along without addressing the elephant in the room. Because I keep hearing the song ‘Salt Shakers by Lil Chat.” so someone has a hater or haters that may be getting outed in a friend for being mean, duplicitous, sneaky, and condescending.

And someone is saying she is a “BICTH”! Wow this is a lot so I don’t know if your ex has something to do with a friend, your friend, coworker, lover, fling, sexual affair, or just your ex-lover. I hope this helps because why did this come across at two in the morning. This random as hell. If you doing cord cutting this may be revealed to you because they been practicing the occult, doing love spells on you, hexes, curses, and binding rituals. So, this may be why this information may be popping up. For others you just finding out why so and so fell the hell out because you haven't seen them in a long time.


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