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Karmically Tested

Conspiracy Theory:

Child is it me or does it seem like we are being karmically tested on a global scale. I’ve been saying this for months like I’m some crazy mad man from the feature who has been doing time leaps trying to get to this raggedy planet. Lately I haven’t been able to listen to the music on this time frequency just only music that several bops are from the 70’s and 80’s whether they black or white. After I sat outside and was explaining how the collective of people who go diagnosed with mental illness in that era wreaked havoc on us as a collective. Whew chile, the ghetto at best.

Because their parents only beat ass and tried to beat the them out of they child was a problem. I mean they have studies now but damn they didn’t think to stop and think that if some parent was on drugs it was going to affect that child psyche. That the spiritualist could’ve wrote or left something behind about how having a baby through trauma can be mentally impacting on the baby. Whether you were looking for money, a place to stay, or in an estranged relationship. That the stress on the woman’s body can impact that child’s wellbeing.

Or how about back then when they and us as a collective are all fighting for rights, the recession, racism, supremacists, the baby boomers, and those battling drug addictions. I mean those quick fixes to solutions came to bite us all back in the ass. I keep telling light skin people they need to do some ancestor work. Because it is a lot of stuff that needs to be re-corrected so we all can move on, on a global scale. It’s like my tarot readings jump from dimension to the next dimension. And the work that is required for us to work on varies. I mean I know this is a number 5 year but geesh, can a nigga at least get a pencil.

Because at times it’s hard for me to keep up with what is going on. I mean look around in the 70’s we had folks high off coke, crack, and other drugs dancing and making songs that was 8 minutes long. And in this day and age we have folks that like to party a little to hard. Granted there where some that got off those drugs and got, they things to together but in this day and age some are still stuck in that party life. That it wreaks havoc on their relationships, business, and family. I mean didn’t we see our kinfolks and loved ones go down this path once before.

For some of y’all it’s just the karma of your parents that have us/we in a strong hold because they had shame in their stories because they feel it takes away from who they are now. Because to live in our truth is way to be more vulnerable ; because it is easy to protect yourself with a lie when nobody has the time to find the reasons why? -M.D.L.

But lately I have been self-reflecting about the problems we have as a whole and they aren’t new to certain people because they know exactly what is needed. They just opt out of helping which is quite evil to me because for some to know the solution to a problem and let you struggle for an answer really don’t give a damn about nobody. I mean I can see if you not around during my struggles but to sit back and watch and all you have to do is say is go left is quite idiotic to me. But I just wrote all this to say that you are not alone in this light bringer journey yes, carrying majority of load may seem like a waste and a failure. But there are people who are doing different things in life that are working on parts of this journey as well that can assist in times when things get hard.

They journey may not be exactly like yours, but they also are trying to balance to this cluster fuck of what is going on in this world. All I can say make sure that you are pouring back into the universe as you are taking from it. The world needs more love and actually understanding so we can get some thangs done because guess what totting this damn universe on my back ain’t getting my damn house build.

I got niggas to meet, money to spend, and a couple spiritual babies that’s ready to be born in this life. I can’t do all that with and be a superhero at the same time. I’m starting to see how Clark Kent felt when niggas always wanted him to do something. Child I’m good a referring okay.

Smile, life already hard dealing with these humans find you some that’s at least cool to hang with.




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