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Karmic Situations While Mercury is in Scorpio

What a beautiful time for Mercury to be retrograding its ass in Scorpio for a minute I thought it was over. As I say that with all sarcasm in my typing voice. As I research more about Mercury in Scorpio job it seems likely to drudge up resentment, pain, bereavement, stale ass arguments, and old flings saying yo I miss you ma what’s good. Like negro please move!

That has been my mood for the day while dealing with old bullcrap isn’t on my top list of things to do deal with. I mean the whole experience itself is stupid for me because I can see if it really brung about some change its just some stupid ego stroke for some. While at the same time people wanting me to carry on the show like shit just didn’t happen. Baby I am a turtle not a cheetah, I believe in divinely timing. I hate when humans try to act it as if they are God themselves.

Girl lets get into this post before this whole blog post go sideways. But hey that’s the energy of Mercury while being in Scorpio meanwhile Aries energy is floating in the back. We I mean me don’t know what the hell is going on with the planetary alignment. So, if you feel like you want to bring up old conflicts thinking you’re going to get some resolve no ma’am. That only works for evolved and grown folks honey, in the words of Doc I NEED TO SPEAK TO SOMEBODY GROWN ON THE PHONE!

Now for some you maybe able to hash out old arguments and disagreements while the rest of the collective will probably be baffled and taking aback by what the hell is happening. The scorpion is the sign of the dark, occult, and the shadows so if you’re not prepared to go there then don’t. I mean this is the only time when you’re trying to come back and fix a relationship where sex would be a bonus but talking about feelings will be like pulling teeth out.

I mean its normal to brush things off and act as if things didn’t happen or affect you, I mean that’s top tier Scorpio energy. Until that Phoenix nature arises and forces you to burn down old paradigms and challenges the way you handle yourself and others. You ask me I say this is lamest combo the universe has going on. Because this COVID quarantine self-imprisonment crap is really starting to take a toll on people.

I mean I was scrolling down social media and seen people pregnant again, cut they hair off, in a new relationship after just breaking up 30 seconds ago, and people starting some spiritual journey all in one wap. But everything has a purpose right at least I like to think. Now I’m not coming from a judgmental place at all hell it’s like I been in prison for years while dealing with this emotional immature demented little fuck.

Girl I was sitting here looking at my email like what the f*** because Aries, and Scorpio will get the party started either involuntary of voluntary. I mean I was reading about how this one lady said if you have been having thoughts your partner is cheating this isn’t the time to go snooping through phones.

Actually, it was true because this is the best time to have a heart to heart and creating more communication in the relationship. Because once you start going through each other phones and checking each other social media platforms you can say you’re just killing the trust in that relationship.

Now if you are in relationship and you have an open electronic device then don’t get mad when a partner is being more secluded that doesn’t mean your partner is cheating maybe its time for peace. Now, if your situation different please skip this advice part. Really it isn’t advice its just freedom of speech.

But the Scorpio energy likes to get a feel for things and will heightened any emotions you are feeling at the time I mean pretty much intense. I mean the Scorpio energy just wants to get to know meanwhile it doesn’t tell you anything about itself and sometimes it can be borderline intrusive. I mean just imagine the planetary alignments attacking everyone. I mean I have folks in my business from 2014 and I keep redirecting they ass back to duck lips. Because for one they can’t do a damn thing about the past and I did my karmic work.

So, someone snooping around in the past trying to recreate and open old karmic door for me is a no, no for me. I mean magic can’t teach you that though. Because magic is elements from the earth and using its tools and operating from old paradigms will also create old scenarios in yours as well. But let’s get back on track while Mercury is Scorpio this is the time you get rid of the cobwebs. When I say cobwebs, I mean that old emotional hurt that keeps you from knowing who you are.

This is the time to evolve the shadow to understand the concept of your own wrongdoings before we go off meddling in some else’s affairs. Because if we have ours guns cocked and loaded just know that you might experience a little bit of a blow back. I mean this is the time to check intentions to see if there anything you have been hiding from yourself. Those old goals and old love affairs that’s keeping you from calling in new love.

I mean what are the things you need to make your life healthier, but you let the fear of the unknown hold you back. This is best time to get those annoyance out of the way that plaque you and no I’m talking about with someone else. I’m talking about with you because the only way to seek the change you desire is to be it. Whether it is moving, starting a new job, submitting that new profile on that dating site, to be more artistic, and to learn your own dark side.

I mean there are negatives to Mercury being in Scorpio that can affect you:

· Being to evasive and not being emotional honest

· Finding ways to escape from emotional accountability

· Feeling misunderstood but not trying to be understood, and poor communication skills

· Being overly paranoid and suspicious when it comes to things

· Being obsessive with things that probably will create more problems on down the line

· Not knowing your intensity level when it comes to communication

The positive of the are:

· Being able to let go of anything you don’t want any more without looking back to get it

· Being able to be more intuitive when it comes to things around you

· The freedom of owing your own awkwardness

· Learning how to be more open minded when it come to others

· Mirroring what you see others need and you need

· And last but least Scorpio is a fixed sign so calling in the positive things you need and setting an intention for it and sticking to it is the best time.

I just wanted to say yeah this sit the time where the past will call you but it also the time to be able to see through that bull and be able to say NOT TODAY SATAN! I mean most likely this is the time where old sexual flings might hit you up for a booty call and be emotional evasive afterwards. I mean you should know how the scenarios ends before it starts.

I mean if its love you were looking to rekindle with someone and feel like you’ve missed your chance this is the best time to get your act together. Because sitting back in the cut pretending that those feeling don’t exist only set the intention for people to play with your feelings when you go out the dating scene. This is the time to share your wisdom with someone even if it’s an 1:00 video of experiences you’ve had it maybe can help someone.

This is not the time to be all judgmental and telling your friends you know what’s best for them even if you feel you do. This is the time to work on self-control because Scorpio’s energy can be impulsive and self-sabotage before they even get started. If you owe someone an apology this is the best time to do it especially if the intention is pure.

Alright y’all I’m out see ya tomorrow!

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