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Karmic relationships are real and are very clear on their purpose their suppose to serve out in your existence. The ideal of karma has been thought out to be a sense of evil or inheriting a sense of good things when it can be the exact opposite especially if your viewpoint on them is tainted.

Karmic relationship comes to serve a lesson of how and what you do to others or areas in your life that need to be straightened out. Say for instance you are or where a serial cheater and deciding to settle down in a relationship the Divine sure does have a way of giving you a taste of your medicine. Not in a way to humiliate you or hurt you but to show you the real change that is needed in your life. Most people figure if they don’t do what they used to do anymore that they’ve changed. When in actuality reality you just haven’t been giving the option to do so.

And necessary change requires a wakeup call to enlighten the soul to see what you need to be for you first outside of what you can get from others. Chile the only reason I’m writing this is because my ex-lover found himself stuck in situation, he did to me and wanting me to except his distasteful ass behavior. Chile he ain’t my man and I don’t care what the next woman has to deal with. To my soul it is saying good riddance, but my higher self says that’s was you so be fair.

It isn’t like he is longing for some sense of love from me but to reattach thinking I’m going to be mommy bear and come to the rescue. YOU ARE SHITTING ME! I ain’t that old dumbfounded girl seeking love from any source because they’ve said they loved me and showed me the bare minimum because that is the energy, I used to put into me. Truly being so focused on the material world and only to recognize that I didn’t place any value in my human existence.

And to be fair its quiet actually hilarious because he tried to play me like I was some psychotic ass ex like this guy aka DUCK LIPS did with his OLD LOVER. Chile he was the man that really made me say hell nawl sis we ain’t going for that no more. I put myself in overdrive and started to work on me so I can be the person I needed and others. Without everything spilling over in my life causing confusion making me the angry black bitter woman. When I was in a relationship with my ex-lover I asked for the bare minimum and did I receive it, hell nawl. He went off complaining saying I wanted to much when he barely did enough.

I could’ve been the typical scorned black woman mad that I had to build another man up for another woman, but I didn’t because I knew my time was served well. But what happens when you are ascending and old lovers on your karmic path aren’t and they still want a piece of you. The Divine says hold up wait a minute now step on back because this isn’t what you need. Like many women when I left that relationship and stop messing with lower vibrational men, I had nothing not even me. I was lost confused and all over the place seeking solace in outside entities instead of myself.

So, I pushed and persevered I wonder many days that maybe all the work I put into this relationship just one day he’s going to come back and love me the way I wanted him too. Child this negro had a baby, I think one on the way, and was dating somebody while we were friends and couldn’t even be honest. Girl 2017-2014 just me the lost girl and all over the place. Now because we had been talking just as friends and his ass couldn’t be alone if God or The Devil told him to. He just has to be in relationship and done caught wind of a lover that mirrors the person he used to be.

Now because we were friends, I would always hear him out and listen to his bullshit of lies over time because I felt like hey, I guess. But in the back of my mind while the phone was upward facing the ceiling fan, I thought to myself nigga please just grow up. So over time the conversations died down because he was entertaining someone else and keep in mind, he did this in the beginning of our relationship and totally lied about. Thinking this girl (ME) ain’t over here doing the work. I THINK THE FUCK NOT! She didn’t want to be hurt no more calling his mama, pulling up outside, fighting this nigga in public places, and cursing him out royally because I didn’t know my worth.

Now I say I loved the no-good ass nigga because he served a purpose but lately, I view him as distasteful, useless, and his life has no existence to me. It’s cruel, I know but child some people got to learn that the love you have for them isn’t a license for abuse. He can kiss my right ass cheek. Now while I’m doing all this soul work, keep in mind from the soul ties and retracting of energy. I have been thinking he wouldn’t be a problem for me energetically. Because I’m like I’m not on you I don’t bother him but newsflash we still converse from time to time and this nigga is dating and fucking a whole another woman.

So naturally because this is the shit, he does always guess what she’s going to be insecure one because the foundation wasn’t solid, and this nigga never heals just hops from one relationship to the next. Meanwhile his dumb ass is seeking love and finally met his match you would think after all the heartbreak this nigga has experienced, he would realize that maybe one of these situations was going to change him. Nope still the same.

This nigga was trying to drag me into his mess, and I was confused because I been eyeing this guy yall and I think he got a monster in between his legs. I don’t know what he does when he gets off work but drama sholl ain’t following him and I like that. So, me having to write some think piece on karmic relationships to clear my name because he was trying to project their insecurities on me thinking Shae got me. No, I don’t. Did you not read anything where you heard me say this nigga ain’t done shit?

You would think I got a baby by this nigga I don’t and I’m glad I didn’t because baby let me tell you, not today. People fail to recognize that, that pretending to be something you is not always going to catch up to you. I’m glad I’m a procrastinator though because I ain’t to quick to sign on to things and having to pretend I like something when I don’t. In the Christianity community they talk about sowing seed and reaping the harvest. Most people always focus on money thinking if you give to someone your going to receive some sort of blessing in a material form when sometimes it’s the opposite.

So, when it comes to marriages, relationship, jobs, careers, kids, and family people never think about what they put into things and always expecting more. If the nigga didn’t learn anything, I think it ought to show how he is selfish and always wants more than he gives. So, Divine dressed her up and made her look so good on paper only to recognize that he going to have to work hard for real relationship and stop skipping out on the tab.

Pay up bucko because Divine has been serving the girls i.e. me too because God is like stop playing with my name and my existence like I ain’t real. I always tell people if you can’t help someone be better for them leave them in the condition, they were in no matter how raggedy the environment was. Because all you do is create an emotional tyrant type of individuals who thinks of this fairy life if they be good, then good things will happen to them without even appreciating the bad.

Karma isn’t always bad it’s the lesson she comes to teach because you are maybe a difficult learner or downright hardheaded. So, stop thinking it couldn’t be you or maybe it was you, so you seek out some revenge only to reap the consequences of your actions later on down the line. When you focus on your own mistakes and not the mistakes of others to romanticize your own pain maybe you can learn your own lesson.

By the way I’m sorry if these posts have been interpersonal lately but they be trying me, and I don’t even bother these folks. I LOVE YOU STAY TRUE TO WHO YOU ARE. AND REMEMBER HARD TIMES ONLY EXPOSE WHO ARE YOU AT HEART. SO, WORK ON BUILIDNG YOU IN THOSE HARD TIMES SO YOU CAN SHOW YOU, YOU ARE THE WARRIOR YOU NEEDED.