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Karmic Guide

Karmic Lesson Guide

Just a little pro tip I found in my notepad I felt like I wanted to share with y’all. Here’s a little here and there about karmic situations. Note that these signs may or may not be for everybody. Everybody ascension journey is different in life.

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Karma vs Karmics (

The Positive Side of Signs That You’re Coming Out of A Karmic Cycle:

Karmic cycles cleanse the soul it may not seem that way due to the negative perspective it gets majority of the time it, but it can help rid you of many burdens.

They take what you give and multiply it by 10. For those of us that has been in rough battle with karma it has felt like this she had out for us when the whole entire time she is taking the lessons we have learned and applying it to the now. Most people don’t understand this because they are still stuck in the old emotional pattering that their karmic cycle has brung them. They end up doing and repeating the same things until they finally get that it is them that is against them.

Disclaimer I am not talking the first acknowledgement of it. I’m talking about those hardheaded ones who try to recreate what has already been done and reap a cosmic reward from it. That they end suffering ten times more.

They address the elephant in the room, when you have been at war with yourself there are things that you shouldn’t negotiate with especially when you know your guides or ancestors won’t adjust to that. Just imagine blockages been removed and you’re trying to put those same barriers back in the way. You might as well say that you aren’t appreciative of anything.

They bring whatever’s in the dark to the light. This isn’t the so fun part but hey its better to be correct now than waiting years on down the line to fix something at once. Get it out the way.

They can give you feast or feed off of you. This is tricky to explain because when you go on a karmic cycle it’s an abundance of things that can either help or harm you. The question is are you aware of this.

You have learned some valuable lesson even though it may have sucked. We all have been to college before and taking that final and passing after you’ve studied so hard to pass is a relief.

You see your guides, ancestors, or deities work in mysterious ways.

You start to notice your fears being pushed into the light. This isn’t a time to run a way from things that scare you this is the time to prepare for the worst and hope for the best.

The Negative Signs of Dealing With A Karmic Cycle:

They make you feel stuck. The more you seem to push forward it seems like you still aren’t getting anywhere. Child this could with careers, friends, family, and even relationships. It time to do some self-assessment and have some honest conversations with some people and yourself included.

You revel in the fear and the negatives. In the law of attraction your mind is the biggest tool that can work against you the same can be said for you in a karmic cycle. If you aren’t aware of your emotions the things you do to avoid them can push you further to the back of the line your journey.

They repeat no matter no matter how good the situation is in your life. Baby if you been in a toxic relationship then you know what I’m talking about. One-minute y’all good then the next its an aggravating experience. Contrary to popular belief karmic cycles aren’t just about money, abundance, and love. It’s about your overall growth.

It seems like a dreary process because of the avoidance that has taken place. Have you found yourself getting in your car with no destination and when you whine up some place? You ask yourself how the hell did I get here. Child that’s what the negative side of karmic cycle feels like. It’s like your still asleep and awake at the same time.

They’re just blatantly repetitive. Those things you always seem to run away from seems to pop back up.

Those lovers you don’t want to seem to pop back up. The reason you fell out with so and so seems to come back again. Child, its disgusting when you think back over your life. Don’t be out here labeling everything karmic when sometimes Divine might be throwing you a loophole out of something.

Also know that you can collect your partners karma as well family and friends.

They take more than they give. Child, I don’t even need to explain this.

And last but least it creates doubt when you’re trying to manifest or sow seeds of something new in your life.


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