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Karma vs Karmics

Karma vs Karmic

The word karma and karmic is the most abused and overly used when it comes down to doing to the work. When the world karma comes up most people that think it is when you want something bad to happen to someone when its actually the opposite.

Think of the word karma as the seeds you sow and now you have to tend to the crops you have sown. No matter if it is for good or for bad in the Egyptian day’s they say in order for a soul to pass on in the afterlife they have to have a heart that is as light as feather. For most people they think that is hedonistically living like tomorrow is your last day.

Now I know in this economy how times are rolling some people would say girl what is you saying. Well hear me out for a minute. This means understanding your purpose in life or how you grounded yourself into your principles and meaning of life. A lot of people think that we truly reincarnated just to be selfish and for some they only think this way because of the past lives they have lived. But they have quickly seen that continually doing the same things has led them down the same path.

Karmic on the other hand is equated to your past life and your soul’s essence I’ll insert a video from someone who details it better because this blog would be extremely long. Karmic lessons are similar to generational curses or the repetitive behaviors that has been past down to family members.

Now some souls lessons can be equated to your souls journey. If you remember the movie twilight where Jake marked baby Bella. Just know your ancestors can do the same things because you may be the chosen on to overcome many obstacles. ‘

Or its just destined in your soul’s chart for you to learn from something because of a souls debt. Now some people are familiar with soul contracts and their purpose. We all have one when we came into this life. This is why it is very important to guard your Akashic record, natal chart, and life path number because you do encounter destiny stealers.

Soul contract are created to benefit one person more than the other. This is why you see many people who fall into abundance always struggle with love, friendships, and family because they don’t understand what is in your favor.

And all the time you might want to share your blessings with them it doesn’t mean that they’re supposed to be a part of your journey. So, now I’m not saying just because you’re a millionaire go hang with only millionaires or hang with people who do only what you do. No that is the quickest way to block your destiny. A lot of people fail to recognize when they are dealing with karmic anything, that free will is at play and sometimes when you keep the emotional hurt you end up manifesting them externally.

And all karmic lessons aren’t bad but there are some that are downright evil and unwillingly to the work so they will be gun ho to make you miserable. Ex: One of my karmic lessons was dealing with an individual who didn’t know what or who he made a pact with before reincarnating. So, in the time I kept rejecting him he finds a way to sabotage everything that is going on with me. And still feels some form of pity for the things he does. No, I’m talking about last night.

When I still held space and had an open wound for the hurt he did to me I attracted many people who operated on that frequency and the question was do I stay in keep dealing with the same thing or let it go. Child, I dropped that thang like a bad habit. Some of you may say well I left them alone but did you DO THE WORK THOUGH??? Because if you have and are spiritual ascended as you say you are and open like you say you are, you should see that karmic coming from a mile away. Not just the habits they do but the reoccurring emotions and actions as well.

Because like many that get caught up in doing spiritual work and understanding how hard it was for you, you try to extend that same mercy to those because you wanted when you was on your beaten path. No that doesn’t mean offering them water because you think you doing a good thing to balance your karma.

Chile, you just doing it because you think in the eyes of God you’re going to be blessed. No ma’am you just giving away you’re your essence at free will. No matter if they are trying. Did Divine tell you to do that.

If Divine said do that then disregard this message but you don’t know the countless of times, I have gave someone some grace when I needed it myself. Girl then I had the audacity to go back and pray for mercy and to get a message from spirit saying that I had just gave it away. Girl that was some soul crushing shit that almost sent me back on my karmic path all because I wanted some revenge and felt like somebody slighted me. When I did it to me first.

When you’re dealing with karmic lessons that is the time you understand your morals, values, and essences more than anything. You get a minor glimpse of your past that led you down the roads you take now. You also see how you can shape shift your own destiny. This is why I always say new levels same devils because that is true. When y’all understand the power of God and how he can be a trickster you learn really quick to let some things fly by. This is big 7th house energy.

Inserts and blog from last year…

It ain’t about being weak and being misunderstood but sometimes a little self-reflection can put you in a position to obtain a message from your higher self. Because you have to understand that dealing with life you can become stuck in certain places, mind frames, or habits that Divine has a way of throwing you a curve ball every now again to teach you some things that you left behind in your past. Now the more you grow don’t forget that you human so you do have a right to let people know how they got you f****** up.

If they always got you f***** so much, maybe it’s time to reintroduce yourself to them by letting them kiss what you twist in the words of my Kate The Great. But I just wanted to say everything isn’t karmic sometimes you’re the karmic by the words you speak, the thoughts you keep hostage, the friends you keep making, and the mistakes you keep on making. Baby in the 3-D we call that the nouns and the environmental factors. These imbedded behaviors didn’t come out of nowhere they came from somewhere and you picked that up from child to adult.

One because that’s all you seen or you do. Second you do it for a defense mechanism trying to protect your feelings and aspects of your personality because being more vulnerable with you scares you more than anything in this world.

Remember karma is nothing but the laws of cause and effect. We create energy every day and transmute it into other beings and things in our life. So, the energy we retain on a daily basis is bound to manifest some way or another.

And karmic lessons are things that we forget in this lifetime or past lifetimes that are affecting the growth we need to step into the person we need to be.

Now here’s the video go watch it. Any questions you got please refer them to her please and thank you..

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