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Jupiter in Pisces

Quick pro tip while Jupiter is in Pisces get you and astrology reading because if I do one more reading and a specific house come out, I'm going to block you. No, seriously if you are looking for information about yourself, I would suggest if you are getting any tarot readings done I wouldn't limit myself to just myself relationship. I'm not saying that it isn't a key factor in your life, but you are more than just a relationship prone individual. Keep in mind this is the time to remove all self-limiting belief systems to see beyond anything. This isn't the time to stay stuck in old routines and then complain about the outcome you'll only find yourself emotionally suppressing things that need to come out.

You'll find yourself drained with the inability to do the things you want to do so do yourself a favor and tap into this fabulous energy people are talking about. This isn't the time to go into hermit mode and be in a sunken place with your thoughts. This is the time to get them out in a safe place and to not be selfish and self-centered all the time. I say all the time Pisces is a mutable sign so they will find themselves trying to accommodate the time they have around other people or things. I don't know why this season, with all of the mutable energies it has been heavy on the lying, gaslighting, manipulation, and mind games. Do yourself a favor and let a person have their own struggles! This is not the time to play captain save a ho I mean you can, but I would take my common sense with me.

Pisces is a water sign and prone to make trauma bonded relationships with people so, check yourself if you find yourself seeking out the same people in different bodies. Then lying to yourself about their behavior and then reacting poorly to circumstances you may or may not have created. Use this season don't let this season use you. Because while we are in Capricorn season don't forget Pluto is in Capricorn, so somethings maybe be going haywire and your probably bound to get caught up into some shit or your lies may backfire on you. I did a reading the beginning of the year for Pisces energy reading and why does it relate to this now. So, check it out and hit up some dope people in this season.

Meanwhile if you're doing shadow work go check this young lady work and craftsmanship.

I don't know her website, but you can go to her twitter for a Natal Chart Reading @Rude_Astrology and follow the guidelines. You can also check out Novi Brown as well for Natal Chart Readings at


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