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Is It Me?

Is it me or does it seem like when certain retrogrades come around there are certain healers, spiritualists, and astrologers who push certain agendas to get a certain amount of clout. And I am not saying this to be an ass but they try to do this purposefully and do rituals to make their content seem as if it is accurate when it is based on their distorted reality. As a fellow tarot reader have you not notice the decline in tarot for certain people because the rise and pushing of Twin Flames is dying off. Now, because of them being a content creator some people have an audience because they people genuinely fuck with them. So, the majority of people may or not care about the messages but they care about the morning routine. Like watching them is like reading the morning newspaper. It depends on the reader if they are actually into a form of divination to make the messages seem as if they are accurate for the day. It’s too much for my liking but I’m not hating because that seems as if you are worshiping them versus the message.

I have noticed this with a few alleged practitioners in my life how they like to say that I am not healed in area but they sit up in the witching hour all night doing incantations to make it seem as if I am not healed. They used to do this things around the moon but that shit wasn’t bothering me. So, when it came down to the retrogrades they would try to make sure something aligned with something in my past with the time of now. I know it may seem crazy but baby the way these things need to be noticed, like, and understood is crazy as fuck. Is there some fucking Leo placements somewhere because the vanity on some people is crazy ass hell. It has them entitled to some shit I have never seen this shit in my life. In the beginning of 2021 I said that the 5th and 7th house was in a square and baby y’all was ready to bite me about my downloads.

Only for half of these hoes to be stealing like a motherfucker. The message that came across was there was going to be a wave of people who operate in 5th house energy but their 7th house did not morally align with you. Meaning you would find people who like, do, and say the things you feel that makes them more compatible for you in your life such as; getting a job, dating someone, finding a an spiritualist, hiring someone for a job, or deciding to say we are going to go and do these things to change the world. Only to find out that they are full of shit and you do not get along with them. It can become emotionally exhausting too because you can end up fighting for a relationship only to recognize that all of those people that told you to leave them alone were right. It can suck because you can end up creating conflict, chaos, drama, karma, and a method of escapism all because you didn't or like guidance.

Some people don't understand the severity of being able to say no with no explanation. And hear me out because we live in a day and age where people feel as if you owe them every damn thing to the point they would have you explaining to your killer the reason why you shouldn’t persecute them. WTF! Social media is on some real hard shit at this time and baby I don’t want nothing to do with it, at this point AND TIME. Because half of the messages I have been getting is how half of the world doesn't know how to process grief or deal with the ending of certain things in there life. And I am not talking about people dying but the old order of things, the relationships you have with people, the lack of room to say I am not okay, or the safe space to go home and home doesn't have to be a place but it can be a human.

It’s funny how we have so many people who are trying to save this world and enlighten them but you have people who are so focused on trying to corrupt those spaces for selfish reasons. How does the healer have time to be healed when they are constantly exposed to unnecessary trauma, pain, wounding, and conflict because someone identifies as such. MAKE IT MAKE FUCKIGN SENSE! When we watch any superhero movie the hero goes home, they go back to the alias they have created for them. So, why do people who decide to operate in the light and use social media as a guide to help those who are in need have to put up with so much shit. Why do they have to put up with the attacks of non light workers and false light workers all of the time because someone is having a fucking bad day? Again, AMERICA MAKE IT MAKE FUCKING SENSE!

If someone is healing one part of the body there is a part of the soul that is being exempt from the wounds of the world. It's not to say that the pain doesn’t go away but in that moment the world does seem to not exist when something is being extracted from the energetic field. I mean have you ever had a shaman move some energy off of you! Baby, let me tell you something. Jesus be in the room and I am not talking about the ones that send your energy to someone else! No, the ones that move that energy in the element of earth. Jesus, I could praise break. Speaking of that I need a fill up on aisle 5 that's why my mood has been fluctuating. Anywho I just wanted to ask, am I the only one who has been noticing this going on in the collective or I am making this shit up?



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