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Inner Child Recap


When it comes to inner child work a lot of people get confused because they always assume that it always about your childhood. For some people it is about their childhood wounds and how it limits them in being able to move forward in life. How some people still hold onto the idea that people said they were never going to be shit and it keeps them stuck in that midframe forever. So, when it comes to career goals, life goals, and parenting it limits them because they are scared to challenge the ideas of what they were told. It makes it the limit their actions in life these people can displace true emotions at times that may or may not be vital at the time such as anger, jealously, greed, laziness, and mental confusion.

These people sometime can be emotional manipulators, they can be hard to be around, nervous prone, and always focused on everybody else instead of themselves. I mean we all do it at some point in time when fear kicks in and we need someone to come along and say you got this. That isn't a form of weakness or codependency it is human nature and emotional response. Sometimes we won't be able to get everything from ourselves, humans do exist for a reason. Besides asking for money, sex, drugs, and partying all the time, child that is a void not a connection. I mean it is a connection because they service a need you have but they don’t service your overall needs. Now, the others of you inner child work came up because for some of you, you are looking for a boost in life.

And with the unknown we never know what it is that we are going to receive. I like to look at it as if it is the wheel of fortune you have put in a seriously amount of work to reap some benefits so most likely you will receive them, at some point in time. Now for the others you may not it’s not because you didn’t do the work you may have to work a little different in an area to receive what it is that you need. It's all about bending the matrix to your will without disturbing anyone else's pathway. So, you won’t disturb or disrupt the laws of karma. You see them people who was abusing Jupiter's energy and now they are suffering the consequences they put nothing back into the situation. So, when people do Inner child work, they try to take way all of the bad things that happened in life. The things that stunted them and made them believe that they were no longer deserving of anything good.

The time that it takes to remove the pain or addressing an issue can be emotionally exhausting when you are to focused on the problem and not a solution. This is why I say all the time the goal is to work when you don’t want too not when you're tired. Because if you do work when you are always tired then you’ll never apply the work when you know you need to. Call me old school but I believe in nipping things in the bud because when it doesn’t serve you or has a purpose it can be emotionally exhausting trying to remove, stop, or correct something that has gone haywire. That doesn’t mean I'm all work and no play actually I play too much to the point people barely take me seriously. But I do know how to work on things in a timely manner and also not jump on trends, bandwagons, and waves because you never know when the momentum will be gone.

I asked valuable questions in the Inner Child blog and some people sped through that shit like it was nothing and came back asking more questions. I looked at some people like you gave me the answer so why didn’t you feel comfortable writing it down yourself. Humans have an uncanny way of utilizing curiosity while at the same time not wanting to come off as attention seeking and narcissistic. Just like you I was taught to be emotionally codependent on my parents but being the hardheaded little cunt I am I decided to do things otherwise. They had already lived their live and was going to continue to do so, so why should I limit my life down to their goals and aspirations. I say all the time I am not a group person if I don’t have a specific thing that it is I am supposed to do.

I don’t care if I am supposed to get coffee every morning and that is my task, that is my job and I how service Indvidual's. I am showing that I am team oriented who said just because I am sufficient enough in one area that I am supposed to take on anothers issues all the time. I don’t aspire to take on Bob’s problems, Bill’s issues, and Stanley financial issues that isn’t my job. Because when the group becomes focused on one person it isn’t a group or a team everything becomes personalized and then you end up isolating others; and creating conflict when it shouldn’t be there in the first place. The physiology aspect is crazy because no matter race, creed, or gender we all are designed to be a part of something this is where free will comes into place. So, you can be able to make your own choices and go live the life you once never expected to have.

Whether that is to be married, own a boat, be a fisherman, a retail worker, manager, hairstylist, barber, grocery clerk, or a crook. The choice is yours but you know everything has a consequence and people fail to understand this. I believe and will say this until the sky's turn red that your inner child is your belief system so, how you treat yourself and how you go about things in life is just a mirrored projection of how other once treated you. The older you get you decide what you get to love, do, wear, and spend your money on. Not your parents, folks, siblings, or friends to be honest I don’t like that toxic ass paradigm that I owe motherfuckers for birthing me nigga you ain’t Uncle Sam. A debt that seems like it can never be repaired is authentically loving someone for who they are at heart.

That is why you see people move mountains to make someone happy, buy big mama that house, Shaquan her first car, or even investing into a business. We really have to start acknowledging how the people who once blew out our candle told us that we have to work too hard to find a light. -Lane M


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