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Dear Earthlings,

Everything isn’t a spiritual problem and every emotional issue may not be spiritual. Now I understand that there are certain people who operate under certain guidelines that their guides may prompt them assist other people with different daily issues. But could we just stop and think for a minute before we start trying to give someone some snake oil to fix an internal issue.

Main some days I hate the fact certain people got hip to certain information because some of y’all out here abusing people with magic and your amplified evil eye. Just like you attest them pastors for leading the blind you be doing it as well. That’s how y’all be out here giving away free game to those who may not know it was just wisdom in the moment. I don’t conduct myself under the guidelines to do magic for humans because I wasn’t prompted too.

Just because I’m an alleged spiritualist doesn’t mean I need to be out here with a ouija board summoning spirits for every being because they have some money. Now I can understand the mediums giving the living some sense of clarity about the souls that has passed on. But to actively to be disturbing the dead because I feel entitled too is a spiritual no no for me. Because like many we forget that the dead also seek some sort of peace in the afterlife.

That’s why when we create ancestor alters we create space for those that has passed on, we also rejoice in the ability to be able to receive their instant help. Just imagine if you had some rich daddy that had major resources you would call this nigga for everything because you feel you can. I mean with no regard of their emotions. Only of you only hitting them up for favors. The balance is gratitude not arrogance, sucking up, flattery, but a simple thank you would suffice.

Sometimes those with special gifts can abuse these tendencies within ourselves because we never stop to say I am doing this because I am called too or because I can. Divine had to remind for 6 years to get these messages out. Child I was out here like Spice Adams, “What you say nah Chuck!” Seriously because I never really wanted to open with my gifts.

Child you should check out my blog post about spirituality being trending.

But I didn’t want to work with the public because one people always perceive everything as evil and have this flawed concept of what good is. I mean why do you think so many people are running back to Christianity. One because they got tricked out their spiritual position and all that love and light ish was only a façade for a dark occult mess. You’ll thank the Divine later. But it’s tricky when you’re trying to explain what God is telling you because you aren’t labeled a prophet. This is why most people reject their paths. One because of their inability to be able to emotional express their feelings.

And too deal with the awakening within themselves that they end up being taking over be drugs, sex, alcohol, and spiritual repression. I mean spirituality to me is nothing but the duality in spirit that exist with the body that also has a soul. Because you can lose a soul and still have a spirit that maintains or function the vessel. But the fact that being spiritual is naturally deemed unethical while in this day and age trending, it is leading the people blind. I tell you….

Because while Coveisha is out here in these treats she is teaching us some valuable lessons about ourselves. Because while we all are attending to some new world order Divine is still out here like wake up. Where are you leaders? What are you doing with all that power? Are you gone talk about the change, or be it? Because in order to be a leader you have to be willing to be mocked. Spoken by whoever said that, because I think I murdered the saying.

But you get what I was trying to say.. I just wanted to say do people do spirit sessions before you go off on a magical quest to see if this is need for a particular situation. If COVID ain’t taught us nothing it is that we had enough time to go over what we needed to go over. Now is the time for the plans to be executed and actions to be made with surety.

You can also check out my monthly energy reading for Aries season on how we can abuse that Aries energy or have and are now suffering the consequences. Just a little pro tip while the world is going to shit next time remind me to hold up on energy repelling because Divinations and offerings to God should be valued more. I promise this is what I came to because Saturn has been in Aquarius attacking the collective and minds of those people as some side effect to other people’s consequences.

It’s like we on Season 5 episode 14 of The Magicians on how they were losing magic and they had to come up with ways to use it without it backfiring on them and other people. Can I just say they always went through this because they either played with magic too much, lost belief in it, and abused they powers? I mean after season 3 I was like damn these niggas is really playing with karma. Especially when they were trying to time leap to redo, their mistakes.

I lost myself half though this message because I was thinking about the episode, but the take away is they never asked for helped or abide by the rules and in the midst of that, they disturbed some God like entities along the way. And created a whole world of trouble that it took them a long time to correct their issues. I just wanted to say that is a prime example of karmic energy, quantum physics abused, and soul contracts in the cosmos that was playing out.

But ima hit you with a riddle before we go. Don’t call me when you got it just go tell to someone else.

Don’t be the auntie that say’s let’s pray when we should fight. And don’t be the uncle so quick to fight when you should pray.

You figure out what I meant by that ;-)



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