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In The Meantime

While y’all on slow poke y’all can catch up on some content. Tell somebody thats a friend, foe, sister, brother, auntie or cousin to read a blog a two. Right now I’m trying to finish my hair and it should be through today. I had got side barred by some other stuff and through off the process.

On the other hand she has been having to cleanse, remove, transcend, and transmute a lot of energies. This has been draining because outside of that it’s a constant state of drama and child that is aggravating as hell. Shit we didn’t have this much drama when duck lips was around.

Child, she need a mojito on a beach with a big sun hat outside the beach house on the water. The sound of the wind and the seashells on my ears. This year has been challenging as hell and let me you the shit i have to dealt with on a constant is out this world. But I finally carved out some time for me to do something for me that doesn’t demand much. Really all of my time.

But I’ll be back on it I would show y’all a picture but I got my eye mask on and one eye open writing this. Wish me luck because damn I didn’t think this through at all. It just sounded like a great idea at the time, but bitch if I knew then heauxes was gone be slinging energy left and right I would’ve keep my damn wig on.

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