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In The Meantime

Some of the collective is stuck on or in the past and might find it challenging to move forward. I talked about this energy in the Aries energy reading.

I know some of you aren’t in to tarot but the some of the messages come out the same way they would if I typed it up. The energy has been a stalemate to me it’s kinda of repetitive and a bit of a snooze fest if we being honest.

So, I been on the tube pushing out content. I don’t work going backwards and staying there in that particular energy can be draining. If the goal is to strive forward then why are we still there. As a healer I do have the right to reject to work with certain people. So, the content y’all been waiting on has been paused at the time because I don’t like doing things half cocked.

Y‘all know the score if you going back reading old blogs and you have questions let me know. I’m willing to help you understand what I meant, but if that ain’t where you are that don’t mean I have to be. But particularly bringing up old issues that you know gone cause fights with no true intention to resolve them, baby guess what phat mama fina go. “TAXI”,do they have those anymore??

Any who for those of you who have been over here looking for content, chile I told y’all they drama getting on my nerves. People will hear you being positive and only expect the light. Child, this translucent over here but who said that!!

I’m always on this journey helping but what I wont do is lie to myself about being a help when they ain’t good at receiving help!


Call me when you ready not when you still thinking about it. Oh and I forgot the weekly reading gone be posted later today.

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