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In a World Full of Magicians


So, before we get into the post just keep this in mind feel free to comment and let me know if I missed out some important things.

Spiritual Narcissism- too folly to learn from the unascending, reliant on magic to evolve from things that involve the human connection, and the inability to accept others that aren’t on your said path.

Magic- is a power within itself that is utilized from the elements we have in our possession on earth. When the human experience is undervalued you can wreak havoc on some one life when you don’t know your power with magic.

Karma is the cause and effect and the consequences of your actions. Sometimes you can be a victim of circumstances meaning the lesson you didn’t learn from in your past lives can reform in this lifetime and feel horrible.

Those of you in tarot you know what these elements mean and can also study the nature of them:

Morals- emotions/ cups

Actions- wands

Thoughts- swords/ thought process

People- pentacles


The Root Chakra: Color Red. The color red means love, passion, fire, zest and those of you that are into magic it could be defensive magic. Blockages in the root chakra can come in many forms it could be stagnancy, complacency, outward validations, and codependency’s especially in the family, friends, careers, and lover’s dynamic. For some people that experience hip and the bottom of the foot pain sometimes like to try a holistic approach and through holistic approaches the emotions are the one that can cure the body. Staying stuck in cycles and the inability to move on from old ways, people, and situations can flare up in the physical body.

Sacral Chakra: Color Orange. The color orange means brightful, joy, sunshine, happiness, attraction, success. For those of you into sex magic you can use sex in many ways. When you think of your vagina/penis what is the first thing you think of. Do you think of you or another person? The sacral chakra is where a lot of women can be easily be misled by men because she tends to think of her worth through her vagina. And the masculine often think that their penis can get them out situations. The sacral is the womb the birthing process. When women/men who are stuck in blockages can often experience symptoms of barrenness, STD’s, cervical, or ovarian problems.

Solar Plexus: Color Yellow. The color yellow means peace, positivity, energy, optimism, loyalty, and joy. The solar plexus is where the believe system lies the things you think and feel. The stomach is connected to the throat so the words you speak, hear, or even food you eat can tear up your stomach. The solar plexus is like many where we want to feel good, so substance abuse comes in handy. The cons of the physical aspect of blockages sometimes can be IBS, Crohn’s disease, kidney stones. Basically, gastro problems.

Heart Chakra: Color Green. The color means nature, growth, harmony, freshness, and safety, fertility, and environment. For those of you in magic the color green can be used for grounding if you don’t have red candles. The heart is protected by the rib cage. So how do you protect your heart by being overly defensive or being emotionally distant. Most people who have physical symptoms of heart chakra blockages usually suffer with, bronchitis, pulmonary valves blockages, and blood flow restrictions.

Throat Chakra: Color Blue. The color blue means trust, loyalty, wisdom, confidence, faith, truth, and heaven. For those of you in magic if you want to find out about the intention of a friend when you don’t have white candle get the blues popping. Throat chakra blockages often come about when you aren’t speaking your truth when you feel restricted. It normally has to do with the solar plexus because that is the confidence to speak one’s truth. For people who are into shadow work you can notice a person’s shadows in the throat chakra by the way they speak. Physically problems are acid reflux, swollen lymph nodes, and strep throat.

Pineal Gland: Color Indigo a shade of purple. Royalty, luxury, wisdom, dignity, devotion, peace, pride, mystery, and independence. The pineal gland is the like second to the mother board it controls who and what you allow in your life at a time. The ability to see through the bullshit of others in a nonjudgmental way. Blockages in this chakra is the inability to be able to trust your own senses and including your mind. It is to be reliant on others for wisdom instead of trusting your own. Physical symptoms could be headaches, sinus problems, confusion, earaches, and frontal lobe problems.

Crown Chakra: Color Violet. The color violet means imagination, spirituality, future, dreams, i.e. downloads. The brain is the most powerful organ in the body like many we think it’s the heart. And for those of us that are water signs or have a lot of water placement in our chart sometimes leading with our emotions has caught us in some dangerous situations. The crown chakra is the most valuable one because the brain is where you receive or are able to tap into a better relationship with divinity or God. It is where you think, you study, and are able to have movement. The crown chakra is the molding process it is your source of knowledge. Physical symptoms can be dizziness, seizure, insomnia, mental health challenges, and blockages in the hippocampus.

REMEMBER THE BODY CAN REMEMBER THINGS YOUR MIND CAN NOT. Because sometimes we try to suppress things and end up creating our own reality that might be false or led off of old hurt. The disadvantage we do to ourselves is not acknowledging the pain we have been through in life. That when the divine timing comes in its feel more like an attack on who you are versus what you could learn to become.

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