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If You Can't Do The Time Then Don't Do The Crime

In the Hoodoo Tarot there is this card called Gullah Jack it means if you can’t do the time then don’t do the crime. After pushing out numerous of readings the Taurus energy had me blowed. I don’t know if it was the people, they were energetically attached to or just downright the energy around them but for me I just wanted to get the hell out. The energy was blatantly nasty and disrespectful to their human existence.

The takeaway I took away from it was that it was the blind was leading the blind. It was kind of like a friend calling someone out to go for drinks and they can’t hold their liquor only for them to always have to tote them to the car. It was kind of like having to make an excuse of why you hang you with the people you do and how you end up in situations with no regards of self. After a while, the reading left me confused because I didn’t know the means to the outcome.

Because overall if I was constantly exposing myself to such behaviors from people or myself, I would react in a harsh way as well because energetically this person was trying to purge out some emotions and didn’t know how to especially in regards to connecting with others. The beautiful thing about the deck is she gave a back story on each on major arcana. Gullah Jack was trying to free the slaves so instead of trusting who followed him he threatened them by saying he was going to root work them.

Now anybody who has experienced or experienced in black magic you know that shit is dangerous to be dealing with. So, before he could necessary free them, they snitched on him and he ended up getting hung. I think for him he meant well but it was how he went about it he lacked patience to deal with people. Those people where trauma bonded to the ideal of being a slave so him using fear to help free them only led them back to the ideal of being slaves.

Their environment was all they knew because being on the run experiencing life, they had no food, water, or a place to sleep. Now we all know back in slavery days they barely had those things from their masters, but some people got accustom to dealing with that reality. Because even though it wasn’t a lot, they are accepting the reality of they were alive. The reason being I picked Gullah Jack was because it was a lifeline being throwed to them or they were throwing it to someone only to mess it up because they weren’t thinking about how they live.

That’s the same if a business offer was on the table no matter how talented a person is or the vison you see for them if they don’t see it, they will mess it up. And a person who see greatness in you will sometimes push you beyond your means without thinking about the psychological damage they cause. I mean if someone was leading with a sense of fear, I wouldn’t trust them because they will either hurt me or they’re not giving a trusting vibe.

So, it landed in total chaos because some people live in survival type mode and they forget that we aren’t supposed to be living in poverty or a scrap mentality. So, the consequences to someone actions cost them something as well as the other party. Healing that energy can be hard when the emotional type matter isn’t being heard. Because Gullah Jack can be arrogant to no means and can be off putting to the normal person. As well it can create the opposite affect creating a challenge amongst the egos of people.

Because every grown person doesn’t like being told what to do so you feel like when someone is threating your free will you react in the most inhumane way. The latter could be for Gullah Jack as well is someone who does things and think later about the things they have done. Leaving it hard for people to have sympathy/empathy for them because some people are human and forget they aren’t God, so they feel certain things people go through deserve it because they are hurt by the actions of others.

I mean its tricking being paired with Gullah Jack because if you’ve never experienced him or dealt with him, he’ll challenge you to be a better person or bring out the complete worst in you. It’s just how you deal with the lesson that’s being bestowed upon you. I say all the time the people around you should challenge you to be better. If the ego is involved it’s not a challenge it goes into the battle of the egos and turns into war. Because in the mind it creates what do I have to lose.

It’s dangerous though because even those who mean well forget they have to state their intentions with people. It goes back to the saying I always used to say each million you make you have to make sure introduce yourself to other people in the room. Its common courtesy and a southern thing to speak when you enter a room full of people you never met even if you have people in there you know. So, no matter how much money you make or how the world sees your common courtesy will take you along.

In the old saying you’ll attract more flies with honey then vinegar. Even though I could careless for flies but if you got something people need you also have to learn how to deal with the flies or the people who pretend to be them. Because you’ll miss out on some blessing and connections with people by acting like Gullah Jack. In this season of twos make sure it’s a each one teach one program going on.


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