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I'm Back (Hold Up Wait A Minute Let Me Talk My Sh*t)

What y’all doing girl as for me the usual trying to stay fuck nigga in a world where drama, fitting in, clout chasing, and gossip is at all time high. If you could find me a spaceship to the next paradigm, please call me I need my ticket to be free because of all the social injustices I endure on a daily basis. If it was my choice, I would be in a hut with no camera just taking video calls and emails from time to time because the niggas I come in contact with on a day-to-day basis is draining. The grown folks acting like kids, children are older than the parents, and the old is just watching this shit play out. I’m starting to believe in the saying correct a fool and watch how quickly you become one. Its sad we live in a day and age where you have to be so closed off and charge for everything. Because some people don’t know the value of time until you put a price on it or put distance in between y’all.

For the meantime though I been out in these streets working the beat trying to pay this car note. I guess me wishing for sugar daddy in this economy isn’t going to happen because I won’t let them treat me like I am dumb ass bitch. If you got a Mr. Earl free him because the streets need him because it ain’t tricking if he got it. He tired of being imprisoned he ready to bless the kids and we ready to be blessed in Jesus’ name Amen. I got some content coming for you guys I’m thinking about starting a Patreon real soon so the messages we talk about want to seem so triggering to the ones who don’t want to do the work. The website still will be up and will have the blogging aspect such as: monthly energy reading, horoscope for the month, and our typical getting money while surviving in America.

Did you know I stay down south and gas prices high ass hell we don’t accumulate that many taxes, we barely have main attraction, or anything to do. Just some fucking celebrities that’s making the cost of living go up. Like nigga if you don’t take that shit back to where the rich live and invest that back into the school system or the community. Because if I see one more got damn flipped house with that high as rent while the economy is broke, barely maintaining, and can half ass afford groceries ima scream. I just want to say this, niggas don’t know how to be capitalist. They be trying to tax us to the Gods and give us the bare minimum to be honest and I genuinely hate the fact that everybody wants to be famous. I’m not saying it isn’t a goal for many but your local TikToker, Youtuber, or Instgramer gives us more life than anything.

I’m not saying that being a celeb or famous don’t matter but take that shit over there we don’t do that over here at PhuckYoAnxiety. Like where I our proceeds at, what product have you invested in the company, and what are you doing to help me to help others. Now everybody don’t act like this right cause some of y’all be cool as hell though it’s just a few stragglers that like to keep up riff raff acting like they don’t know the struggle. Like sweetie, she writes, sings, and act but do I be begging to be signed um no. Right, like I don’t disrespect anybody but lately the girls been BIG PISSY and it shows. Keep in mind girl is gender neutral over here all I’m trying to do is make my money in peace and have a good time. Every time I turn you got somebody trying make a suggestion like I’m an artist and need to appeal to a broader dynamic.

Like damn how many clicks, likes, streams, and views you want a nigga to get. Y’all already know on the other platform with duck lips and anxious betty a nigga don’t get a dime off that shit. I ain’t taxing on my services like everything I do damn near free. People hear about the trauma that somebody experienced and be like let me people some more on YOU. Excuse me I think TF NOT! I am a tired black woman I tell you. I feel like a complaining ass mama with no help and my kids think I make everything appear out of my ass. I wish I could go furthermore into detail about the transitioning that’s going on with they business that they illegally signed me too, but right now ain’t the time nor the place. I just had let you girls know a HOE tired, but she here and I don’t believe in showing up with an attitude. Because then we all gone be mad because I’m mad, then you mad, and now we all mad about something. Ain’t that some shit.

And plus personally I need to shoo some energies away from me right quick because they been out of hand, order, and alignment. Child, in a famous quote somebody said when people fuck with people who you don’t fuck with. I’m paraphrasing here just watch how quickly people show you they don’t value YOU.


P.S. CALL ME ( types in wink emoji) No, I don’t have it on this one thank you.

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