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I'm Back

Hello mother truckers, have you missed me? As I say this with such joy in my heart. I started to give y’all the baby daddy speech I always give yall when I go missing for a few days, but my heart said screw that and tell them. Girl, I’m back working well y’all already knew that I guess God ain’t hear me when I said I wanted a sugar daddy and ima do right this time. I been putting out post about this shit for so long and I don’t know if niggaa be hearing that and plus this new sugar daddies be wanting ass. Like damn they don’t make the ones that have to remember to take they medicine. Like damn, I be a lil offended when the conversation goes to sex so fast. I be thinking to be so myself this ain’t no Mr. Charles this Frank and I don’t want no dealings.

And child they be trying to sound sweet like you know Christmas coming up what you and that boy need. Sir, not no funky 200 dollars like cost a living is high as hell right now. Gas done went the hell up and I just came up on a coupon to get some cents off the damn gas. So, me popping this thang for that ain’t gone work in this season. Shakes head in an old woman disgusted way. But enough of that my birthday just passed and a nigga didn’t get the damn dog I wanted. I gotta stop believing the shit niggas be telling me because I really be having hope in small things like getting a dog, that sugar daddy, and losing weight in a day. It’s unrealistic I know but there wouldn’t be no me if I didn’t have outlandish dreams and goals.

Girl besides that it’s been a tidal wave of shit going on in my life to point where I have been saying come on man back-to-back. Like what more do you want from me the nigga in me like I got this and the other me is saying have a little more faith THINGS ARE CHANGING MARSHAE!

Faith my ass, entrepreneurship has been a snooze fest, my child is going through puberty either a bitch getting old or that teen mom shit starting to catch up with me. Scratches head.

Life been happening and let me tell you guys adulthood is boring as hell go to work, pay bills, and go to sleep. I already go to sleep for fun now I have to go to sleep to be on time for work. Geesh all of them years without a job has finally caught up with me but hold your horses cause I need dividends. Ain’t nobody got no 800-credit score, capital, and investors lining up at this moment so a h** gots to work. Sidebar I think about onlyfans a lot like using someone sexual pics to lure men in for therapy. With them on there saying when she gone take her clothes off but at the same time she is hitting on a lot of the problems I have in my life. Boy, I could run the bag up and have arguments with men in my dating life because he deems me unworthy because I have an only fans account.

And I’m trying to explain to him that I’m not doing sexual acts and if I was why you worried about it. Other than that, I been in them YouTube streets soliciting the shit out of videos saying like this one and share it with your friends. The viewers that be on there be like get your like and views up bitch before we fuck with you. Sometimes I think to myself this is a tough crowd, but I keep giving it a go. It’s basically to make up for the time that I don’t want to write out the post. Also, I’m in the process of finally making the move I need for me so until I get stable a lot of these will be short not so long.

Because I’ll be at work until shawty get the shift she needs, but I’m here. You can always dm me on here ion be doing shit but holding the phone halfway sleep. Sidebar I have to stop that because that’s how I be getting caught up with these niggas. I miss the days where I could just be a hoe in peace and no I’m not talking about selling ass Frank, but chatting it up and passing out my number like it was candy and mints from your grand mama purse.

But I got y’all this week because I been lacking on here and picking up more on YouTube and when I haven’t hit my personal quota after a week I have to get back on it. Just keep me in your prayers and off your altars for you girls that like to hex and curse. I just be wanting to tell the girls to carry yo ass to bed, you ain’t tired of that we healing this season shit I’m tired of undoing y’all stuff. But any who Jesus has entered the group chat, drops mics, and walks off slowly with a sexy squinch.


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