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I'm Back

The monthly readings for tarot are up on YouTube if you don't see me on here its because I am over there . I have some blogs dropping for the month and they are going to be heat so be prepared to get your wigs snatched. While Mercury is in Scorpio we will be working on past life experiences, shadow work, and healing old paradigms. I am contemplating on starting a Patreon for those of you that into the tarot readings alone, but I'm trying to get a schedule in order for my readings and blog postings.

For those of you that are new too tarot, tarot usually hit on the messages that don't get explained on here sometimes, if you feel I have missed a subject. The contact box is for your discretion so you can comment and write in there about subjects that I might have missed and don't comment on enough. I just want to say and I will say it for the fifteenth time I don't care to talk to about relationships. So, you normally won't see a lot of post about them. I try though.

I try my best too but sometimes it isn't the relationship sometimes it's self work that is required that holds the relationship from expansion in love. But while your here and seeking to be understood you can go over to my channel and check out some videos. The link is below and you don't have to always watch what your zodiac sun sign. You can watch your moon, rising, Venus, or whatever season we are transitioning into I just wanted to say I wish you the best of luck while the shadows are out.

Don't forget your selfcare routines because seasonal depression is on the rise and the holidays have a way of sucking the fun out of your life if you let it.

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