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I Knew It

Girl I knew these heauxes been messing with my love life and I wasn’t getting all my damn downloads. Girl y’all children be all in my dreams ask them what they want and is they parents gone give me some money because I babysit for fees not free. Really, it’s y’all daddy tell him I said call me in the meantime because I didn’t come collect that head I said I was gone get on Christmas. But I do believe that Santa stays a little late for the adults and that is tax season so he got until to come get me. But child, last night I’m doing my regular reveal and trying to see what is in my life bothering TF out of me because I been feeling fatigued. And let me tell you I don’t like men who do magic its only like 4 that’s good in my book. The other ones be just around here blocking and sucking up energy.

Girl one of these niggas been using water magic I said what the hell y’all doing over there let me go get my damn energy back. And another thing for those people who are into to the whole magical aspect of things did you know those people who use sex magic on you, you can see who they be having sex with. It doesn’t even matter how much they like you; you still can see who desires them I stay telling people get me out of there I do not desire to be over there. We need to establish boundaries and talk about how a man can like a woman a little too much it can make them hypersexual. And if you haven’t defined the realms of your relationship this can be tricky because a man not intune with his body, mind, or soul will go out and sexually have these experiences with women who gives him a physical feeling versus an emotional satisfaction.

This is why I stay telling people in the dating phase if you ain’t through fucking please go out and play elsewhere with that because I don’t want to deal with that in my life. Nobody has time for place holders, people who come into your life with the intention of dating you, courting you, settling down, or giving you the world, but haven’t figured out what they emotional needs are. Sweetie, you can’t fuck me into a relationship, we gone have to see each other, go out, talk well you talk I listen, and do other things. That’s not my style that shit keeps me at a distance from you because them situationships can have you making some dumb ass decisions in your life. You’ll be ready to be beat somebody ass for playing with your feelings. Meanwhile y’all ass haven’t discussed your long-term goals with each other.

Baby, nobody has time for fear-based commitments either you in or out. I am not fina love you from the last place somebody left off. Now, I’m not opposed to going to therapy with you, sitting outside sessions, and being with a person while they get their self together. Because even after I do all those things with you, your feelings may change in life, and I may not be the person who can or cannot accept your change. Child, I’m real practical when it comes to my feelings there is no way we can conquer life in day. We didn’t come into this life to have it all figured out in a day. We create, establish, and seek out ways to help us navigate this life. But one of y’all niggas finally got a real spiritual bath I said thank God because one of y’all was holding on to that childhood trauma so hard. That it was blocking the way you see yourself.

I said come on Jesus because some of y’all scared of certain elements of life and feel like it is a disservice to your religion but that was okay. Some of y’all needed it, now don’t go off sleeping with all of them women or men whatever you into and block your sacral again. I said come on water magic, I think I asked a nigga telepathically will he let me make him a spiritual bath. I’m still waiting because he thinks I might be trying to love spell on him. No, child, you either hate me or love me in this lifetime. I believe in free will so if you love me that’s on you and I take it how you treat me sweetie. Because I am quitter, I will leave the first time I feel like I’m not being treated properly. Ride or die my ass, ride or die didn’t give me nothing but heartache and stress. We are living in this lifetime boo.

I ain’t fina be put in no more positions to prove my loyalty or love for a nigga. Baby either miss me in this season or leave me behind because that insecurity shit is dead. The only the way you truly get over your insecurities is to face them, be honest, and create safe places for you and people in your life to be honest with each other. When you leave things unsaid it leaves minds to come up with its own narratives or to think everything is okay when it’s not. Moral of the story stay out my love life with that magic shit. I believe in courting my dear even if it’s a fling. I don’t need you blocking my path the love of my life maybe trying to come on by, but you too busy doing unnecessary stuff. Ima need him to gone speak up because I got one more shot at love before I start Rasputiaing niggas. Like nigga I been waiting to long what you trying to do either you figure it out or ima figure it out.

BUT, good luck in your life and healing journey and give thanks for finally being cleansed right.


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