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I Got A Question?

You know in my walk of life I’ve worked with different people from all across the globe. So, fame, riches, or poverty doesn’t move me because either you are going to do the work or spirit will do it for you. I don’t force my hand in situations because I believe in free will and with free will ignorance comes so easy. How what we once don’t know becomes something that we do know.

So, I have a question do you think that I am wrong for outing a celebrity it doesn’t have anything to do with rape allegations or anything? It is because this person is playing with my livelihood. I have came upon many giants but I didn’t fold in the eyes of my opponent. I am at a place in my life where I value you my peace more.

I know this person usually has a hard time in life and their social circles but that’s not my problem for a person to treat you so shitty. I am tired of shitty people having their way and causing problems. This affects my livelihood not in a threating way but we have heard enough about what I went through. I just desire some form change and this person is causing the most havoc in my life.

Child, all I want to be is left the fuck alone and that’s not happening. I don’t want it to come off as clout chaser because I been ready to cash in on one of these I.O.U. that has been offered to me. But I really want this person to leave me the hell alone because I’m trying to do my damn job in peace. They already got somebody blackmailing them and I’m trying to stir from that narrative.

I just want to cut ties with this project from back in the day that went completely wrong. You know the one with duck lips and anxious betty. But this man keeps trying to take bits and pieces of my pain and sprinkle it around to other people for story lines. We not doing that they better go do some stupid shit or sign up for it. I am completely disgusted because I never thought this person would act like this.

I mean I seen it half way through but I kept my business ties separate from them because you know this like my second child. So, I never wanted the two to mesh because some people don’t know how to separate business from personal. But at this point I’m tired of asking nicely to be left alone and I have no problem with them. Something’s you just can’t come back from.

So, I just wanted to know because I gave myself a deadline and I’m even willing to reach out to my old nemesis. He haven’t seen that side vicious Marshae when she wants to be left alone. I have too many problems to be worried about a false business deal that went wrong. Honestly feedback would help.

You can video it, text, write it, but a hoe tired.

Sincerely, Your Faves Fat Momma!

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