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Hyper Masculinity


You seen the topic and it’s about to get really uncomfortable with a lot of people and I just want to say oh well. Society this day and age calls it toxic masculinity when I have just come to terms with seeing it different and labeling it hyper masculinity. Because when we get into the whole name calling, I could go for the jugular if I wanted to, but this isn’t one of those post it more informative.

As I have sat and self-reflected on the things, we call toxic in society and especially in men and women I thought about why no one’s care to educate instead of perpetuating the cycle of it. I see it on social media all the time how woman talk about no good men but still choice to date them or entertain them. I mean it’s an each one teaches one program with me. I mean nobody never stops and says how can I make me be better not how can I make things around me better.

And ladies and gentlemen that is raw masculine energy in purest form. I stay telling men to step into their power and lead the way as they should. I get so many questions like what do you mean and sometimes I look with pure disgust. Because God gave them whole penises and a lack of estrogen to make them more rational and more understanding of things. So, when I sit back and see how many of men fail at being men because of the narrative society says its is truly maddening.

I mean think about it I’m a woman who voice isn’t heard until someone is in dire need because that’s the narrative society pushes for women to be there for everybody except for themselves and it’s the same for men as well. I mean you think about the psychological strong hold fascist men and women have told us for decades that’s a mental trauma within itself. If it isn’t your doing this or need to do this, I mean what is it that we are to be truly doing? Signed a concern assh***.

But with men when it comes to self-care, emotional wellbeing, and mental health you guys suck at keeping yourself up. I mean it wasn’t until I met my grandma karmic from her past life till I learned that I truly didn’t value myself the way I should. If you could name one thing as man reading this what truly makes you happy? Don’t say cars, money, women, sex, anything to do with business, and kids? I know at this point some of you are like what is there to choose?

I mean there’s peace for one and enjoying some me time away from chaos and always having to exude some strength because society say this is what a man is. And I for one beg to differ because men are natural born leaders, I say this all the time men are the influencers and women are the influncee. Now, as being apart of the he man hater club I speak out for me not them. AND I KNOW INFLUNCEE ISN’T A WORD! But think about the power you have at your hands how one silly comment left from a man mouth can carry more value than a woman’s truth.

If that ain’t power, then I don’t know what is. I mean as being a part of the straight community our chances of finding a decent man is slim to zero and here’s why. See women like to be acknowledged the same as men just leave the work load and double the ego but this isn’t something men would know because society tells us to be soft meek and not to be heard, to the point of when your old lady is nagging you’re barely listen to a thing she says.

I say all the time tact, tone, and point would give a lot of women more understanding in the relationship instead of beating a dead horse. But because society tells us to shut up and be pretty this is where you as a male in a relationship have to hear the most annoyances from our day to days. I mean I say all the time you guys are the most judgmental things that walk this planet why you think they refer to God as a he instead of a she.

Psychology says a child mind is made up by the ages of 3-5 but what if the emotional shape of women you have experienced or encounter with have molded you into being the man you are today. I mean they say boys need their fathers, but I beg to differ if you a cold hearted lackadaisical individual. I mean what do men actually teach their sons. I mean the half of men I have encountered only ended up working jobs because he doesn’t want to seem useless. They only marry because society says so and they only procreate for sons.

I mean it’s a harsh truth, but it is a truth that is needed to be said. I think men are valuable creatures as well as women it’s just the untapped potential that sits their waiting for you to use it. I mean what are doing for your spiritual enlightenment. That’s not to add in some religious dogma but where does your faith lie? I mean how did your childhood experiences shape you into the being you are today.

Does talking about your feelings make you feel awkward or is it something you never really felt to do so. I mean society labels a lot of things for women and things just for men. I mean I want to get into the Billionaires Boys Club I’m just missing the millions by the way. It’s coming but not at my speed. Do you honestly feel you have value in your life? Like what is your true purposes. Do you know the art of love without someone giving it to you?

Do you know kindness without appraisal or saying well done because that’s what you’re suppose to do? In the words of my grandma I don’t have to do sh** but stay black and die. Those are words I truly live by but sometimes that just invokes my procrastination its sad I know. But back to you how well do you do with the spotlight without you being praised for being a man. I mean you are a human first, a male second, and then your name!

But I noticed that the things women cringe about men they don’t even take the time to get on their soap boxes and say let me make waves and start a change. I mean some do but they get overshadowed by the picks me and the pacifiers. Because the moment we defy a man’s way of doing something you can basically say you guys will tell us off with his head.

Something I noticed a lot of men lack is the art of love giving it and receiving it in a non-sexual way. I know vulnerability isn’t a person strong suit even a man but when you finally let that guard down or expect to be loved you guys can become a bit possessive to the point all sanity is off the table. I think it is a bit narcissistic to be expected to love from a person all the time even in a moment of hurt. I blame the women for this for not setting standards.

I mean a mother’s love is something no one can take way, but men search and miss out on love because he seeks to find the love his moms have given him. When that isn’t a love you will ever find in a being only pieces until you master knowing your own love. But how when you aren’t even told of what your love is? When your always told of what another person love is? I think this why domestic violence cases are high, rape, molestation, and stalking are high.

Because the entitlement and privilege men are giving from the ages of knee high. I ever tell my son he’s the man of the house because he’s just a boy evolving into a man. And for one he ain’t fina tell me what to do because we gone be fighting. That’s a lot pressure to take on because if there is a father figure in the house, he has big shoes to feel. The skipping process that goes over from baby, to adolescent, to a man is the most toxic and crippling experience young boys can have.

Even if isn’t a father figure in the home because now he is considered to be mama’s man. And the man he is to be whether he desires to date a man or woman is now in jeopardy because of someone else’s needs. The way women are thrusted with more responsibility and men are just told to be a provider is disgusting because what happens if the person you love dies or decides to leave. How will you live if your all is based on someone else?

I see so many single fathers complain about the things we women have to go through because while his sister was cooking and taking the meat out and cleaning, he was too busy outside playing and being a man. While your sister or mom had to take on the emotional responsibility for your actions hers and everybody else’s. Leaving masculinity energy unaccountable for his pain his places on his wife, mother, child, baby mother, and himself.

The break down between a man and your heart is always in the hands of someone else, this is why when it comes to emotional responsibility men lack in this department. This is why as men you do what pleases you versus what makes you happy because emotional responsibility isn’t an option. I mean as a man can you count how many times you have hurt someone because of your own hurt. Emotions can be a powerful tool when they are felt instead of being suppressed. Happiness isn’t a foreign state.

It’s a feeling that comes from within and that is where trust and surety is built. If you can’t be honest with you how do you expect for others to warrant the same behavior. It is time to stop hurting others because you carry out the old paradigms it is time to get the digging and say some things have to change. Yes, life is dull and gets boring but when you master you, the idleness won’t drive you to the brinks of insanity and doing something repulsive.

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