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Hyper Femininity

Hyper femininity is a thing and most of the times it is labeled as toxic. For me I’m trying to stray away from the term toxic, one because its over played and two it is often misused. It’s tricky when we label people and things toxic because of lack of information they have to grow into being better people. Now y’all know I don’t believe everyone can change but if you can change, you can change the things around you.

We kinda talked about this before in blog post linked below but I didn’t, write about it in a more in-depth terms.

The collective of us are trying to heal from old wounds and expectations of what society thinks a woman should be. Especially when it is hinted around raising kids and being in heterosexual relationships. Most of the men that don’t know how to identify love lack in their feminine energy department. Why because when most men hear the term feminine, they automatically go to justifying their sexuality. When its isn’t about that.

Lesson for the men to identify with your feminine energy is to go back on the ways your mother, grandmother, or an elder loved and showed you how to love yourself. And when I say loved you, I don’t mean a parent enabling bad behavior because you were to become a man. I mean the ways they taught you how to take of care yourself first and then others. To not become consumed with the societal standards of what a man should be.

When you can unpack that consciously and live that out unbiasedly then my child you have mastered your feminine energy. Most men don’t even know they have feminine energy because they think bad attitudes, moodiness, and being overly aggressive is considered to be manly. No, it’s not why you think straight women are quick to call a straight man gay. To be able to be in tune with your emotions and to show love outside of money and possessions is feminine energy.

It is the ability to care for someone outside of possessiveness, it is a long-lasting care that is willing to be submissive to the art of love and to not dictate how it should be played out. Masculine energy is the ability to make conscious decisions. That is the leadership quality that most men lack in the relationship department. This is okay I believe there can only be one dominant person in the relationship, and it doesn’t have to be gender defined.

Now that I have gave you some tips watch and pay attention please sir.

As we move forward in this day and age women think that being overly emotional is the way to be a woman. No ma’am it is emotionally manipulative and misleading to people. If you were raised around someone who is like this, you either do it to others or are attracted to people who act like this and don’t even know why.

One because you barely process your own emotions because to be a woman is to be strong. For me, the word strong is distasteful.

Here’s why because back then women weren’t strong, they were silent and meek because they feared being left alone and when I say left alone, I don’t mean from a man. I mean to color outside the lines of normal of putting up and putting on for other people. I think the problem with the collective is that we can’t be ourselves. Because we have been taught that being vulnerable it to show emotions. Chile that’s how narcissistic individuals rain in this economy.

Because we don’t even know our own weaknesses and this how other people who pretend to have good intentions i.e. women and men can manipulate you into thinking certain things is good for you. Now let’s get back to, the overly emotional because that term can be overplayed to because you can be bothering someone, and they can continuously tell you that it hurts them.

But because society always labels women and feminine energy to be erratic. We chalk up things people feel because we barely care about our own feelings.

To be in authentic feminine energy isn’t to be needy all the time. Always wanting attention and being in someone face that isn’t feminine energy baby that is insecure and entitled. But if you like that scroll pass this. We as collective can’t build trust with people because we barely work on our emotional state. So, we rely on others to verify and check how