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Everybody always talking about journaling when for some it isn’t the easiest thing to do. You can write down all your emotions and still go back and look at the notebook and be like WTH is this. I think most of can say we have been there when we had days that we wanted to share our thoughts about the events that has transpired. Like most kids I stopped journaling for years because when I was younger baby you know how the black household is. Everything in they house is there business. Side eye and rolls my damn eyes...

Child for a minute I didn’t trust my own self with sharing my own thoughts did I say I was Scorpio not like that was cute but child I didn’t trust a damn thing. And that’s the most messed up thing for a child to have to grow through. But any who I learned how to hide my journals and not to tell people I journal not because of fear but somethings aren’t meant for everybody eyes.

Even as adults and you go to counseling do you want your partner to know everything that has happened to you that you aren’t comfortable with. I mean the counselors are there for you to unpack and develop a sense of confidence with yourself. Trust starts with you being able to share yourself with you. And therapist have a HIPPA law so they can’t technically violate your trust unless they don’t want to work anymore in that field.

But enough about that I just wanted to get you warmed up. See journals have different meanings it can be for your intentions meaning your purpose or goals. Or it can be for sharing your thoughts think of it as a personal burn book for all the people in your life who has caused you a great deal of pain. Or it can be for the days when you can’t find the words to say but you still have to be able to get them out. And no, you don’t have to be experienced in the area of writing its your thoughts. I’m not in your head.

So, I got a few tips and tricks and you can go over to the quorum and check out how to journal as well. It’s way less short.


The eights parts of speech are noun, pronoun, verb, adjective, preposition, conjunction, adverb, and interjection. The reason I said learn these because English is the basic language that I use so speaking requires you to be comfortable with using your own language.

Nouns are people, places, or things. Normally you hear me say the nouns or environmental factors because they’re situations that happen in your life that in involves nouns.

Pronoun is to be a bit more specific, but it is also a person, place, or things and can be substituted for a person name when you just don’t want to speak of them.

Verb is something you do. So, when your writing normally when you’re trying to unpack hurtful events it is something that happened to you. Usually by something someone did or you.

Adjective is a description of things that has happen think of it as fully unpacking a thought or and event with full details. Ex. I am still mad about not receiving my money from duck lips. And I would go further into details. See.

Prepositions is to prep a sentence this is usually the placement and time of something. So, if someone was to ask where you were you would respond with? At so and so.

Conjunction are words that are added into sentences to keep them from running over. So, if you where explaining something you would say but and then pause wait for a response. This is normally when people leave our parts of the story. Remember you are writing for you and not no one else. This is what keeps people from being honest with themselves.

Interjection is when you usually are expressing strong emotions. This is when the pen hits the paper and the anger from your pain speaks through the words your write. Now this okay for beginners but if you been journaling for a minute and all of your books look like interjections. Maybe it’s time to start journaling with the who, what, how, when?

Adverbs usually tells when or how long something has went on in your life. So, if you have been experiencing an elongated sense of pain. Maybe starting from the back and working your way to the front will get you closer to the goal of clarity.

Now you maybe be like why did MARSHAE just tell me about the 8 parts of the speech because these are different phases of grief work to healing. Everybody healing journey is different and some may experience more pain with the nouns, while others maybe in the interjection phase. So, you express a certain emotional reaction to old hurt certain things you haven’t grew through. Your emotional reaction when you write maybe always in a state of anger.