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How's Your Sex Life Treating You :-)

Did you know the right sex with the right person can prolong a toxic relationship for a woman? Its true women have hard times finding the right partner when it comes to sexual adventures. Most of the times women stay in relationships with shitty partners because the sex can be amazing. For me when I decided to leave my last lover, I found sex to be a bit awkward and not as explorative. I mean I am not into the whole three-way lover’s thing only if it is two dudes. I know most people would view that as a train but, for me I would love for two dudes to be able to worship me at the same time. I mean we hear men talk about wanting to have sex with two females as if he has a medusa penis that I find quietly insane. Hey whatever floats your boat I am fine with that. I noticed that when I was trying to get my needs met, I was met with men who acted as if we still in grade school. Just ready to have sex or just to say they are having sex so you can be some what half committed to them.

As you can see, I am not a shy girl when it comes to sex so, if the feeling is mutual and consensual, I am all game. But what happens when your partners are limited in their sex life and has selfish needs? In the words of me this P**** GOTTA LAST ME. I mean I have had my fair share of rough sex but, I am not going to let that be my only interest when it comes to sex. I mean it is a lot of sexual positions that can be tried. I have noticed some men skip the four play like women need that in the beginning before she actually knows you. Intimacy is all about conversation and understanding each other needs. One-night stands are a no go for me at this moment honey. So, lets get into the four play.

FOUR PLAY: Four play is needed when you two have not had sex before. It lubricates the wall of the vagina and when a woman is moist her vagina can contract so the penis can fit. I mean what is the rush unless you two are on some drugs or alcohol then I can see. The nerves are gone, and everything is ready to go. Especially when consent is involved. Four play establishes the ground for consent not for a male to keep forcing himself on you or trying to get you to have sex with him. Sir, that’s mad rapey and sometimes women will end up having sex because they think it is the right thing to do. Especially when manipulation is on the table like the old saying now look what you made me do. You are such a tease. Men go through this to, but I am talking about women. Now, that consent is out the way lets get back to four play. Couples who have been together a long time sometimes do not need four play because when the emotions are running high and when it is time to go you ready to go. But before they got comfortable with each other trust it was some kissing, touching, slowing talking off clothes and other things I wont name.

SHARING IS CARING: I ain’t saying I need that head but when ima get it. I do not always want to be sucking cock to initiates sex when I do not know you. I do not have a problem with it but what about my needs. Some guys are selfish and do not believe in the motto sharing is caring. I mean they are the carriers for STD’s if we are being honest. Have you ever heard of HPV a condom cannot protect you from passing that shit on and that is semi deadly if we are being honest? So, the need to tell me you do not know where my vagina has been when you clearly seen me take it out of my pants is offensive. I mean I do not know you as well where has your penis been? TF! I mean I get it some women do not clean their vaginas right but ladies I am going to need you guys to do better because sis needs that head. ASAP. Guys, sometimes you can spice it up because them days is dead where women were not being vocal about orgasms. I mean stamina is not equivalent to us ladies reaching an orgasm. I know some guys be trying to reach the top of the cervix but, if your stroke isn’t right sit this one out. Because digging all in there is not going to make gold come out.

THE FEMALE BODY: I mean every woman is not shaped the same unless we all pay for the same doctor. I mean Dr. Miami will have me on his table real soon getting a mommy makeover but this ain’t about me though. I know some men like particular body sizes for women but child a man will screw anything if were being honest. Until he reaches his peak and knows he deserves better he’ll screw anything that will throat monster that penis. Real men do not care about your body sex is all about the person needs. I see women who say men who let women get theirs first have daddy energy and I think to myself ma’am who are F******? I mean men have their preferences about what style of women they like as if we come out of magazine collection already prepped for them. What type of male ordered bride S*** is this? If you are not comfortable with a woman’s body, then find you one you are comfortable with. So, you can stop body shaming women and plus that plus size girl make rock your world.

PENIS SIZE/ STROKE GAME: Ladies as well as you cannot do nothing about your body or have money too men can’t change their penis size. I mean think about it men get insecure about their penis as well and some are little too cocky. We’ll get into those BIG D*** BANDITS who couldn’t stroke for pennies if he could. The same way you look in the mirror and doubt yourself men do to. I mean spice it up if you really want to see what he is working with ask for pics. Or just a simple brush against it and if he nasty nasty and with it grab it. Expectations sometimes can be your biggest downfall. Every man is not experience in sex some men be so focused on trying to get nut that he cannot actually get one. Now to men whose swanging and think it is an accomplish on having a big penis chile hursh. Cause some of yall do not even know how roll your hips and be some of the selfish lovers. Most women are so used to having sex with men who have average to small size penises that when they see a big penis they go all out. Baby please stop because they think you suppose to be all into them. No ma’am make him work for it as you should as well. Be honest about sexual experiences sex is a teachable experience. I came from an era where we did not have social media and women who talked about their sexual escapades. Leaving you to guess what you are doing wrong and to shame to speak up. Communication is key and this helps versus you going back to the group chat with your girls/guys bashing someone because they don’t know your body. Most women I have noticed that have high standards on social media when it comes to sex are not fans of pleasing themselves. If you do not know how, how can you get mad at a man for not being able to fulfill your needs? Sex can be a taboo topic because as an adult when we talk about sex, we view it as disgusting because where shunned when we find pleasure in it. Breaking past those barriers can get closer to an orgasm.

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