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How Do You Deal With Drama?

I got a question how do you deal with drama is something I thought about this past weekend and this current week? I ask that because in this day and age with social media people wanting clout and barely can think for themselves, they seem to drag out shit that really don’t be important. As for me long as I ain’t losing sleep about it I try to avoid that shit as much as possible. It’s not that I’m non-confrontational but with social media people wanting to sneak and record and flip the narrative boy I be trying not to say shit. I have had horrible experiences when communicating my feelings about an issue I had with people and these motherfuckers turn around and say something I didn’t say. And the fact I say off the wall shit all the time bitch it sounds like I would say the shit too.

Boy, I be fucked like that bad ass child who always get blamed for something, and they wonder why you don’t show up, come around, or even involve in them in things that go in your life. Yeah, that is me, so I try to be mute or avoid a lot of people on a day to day basis because I noticed that some people don’t want healing, honesty, or even a simple of waving the white flag. Some people be bored and miss the old you and think their apology is acceptable for their piss poor behavior. I mean when I see people fall out and get right back together, I be like they’ll fall out again. It’s not because of the betrayal or what was said it is because they barely worked to hear each other out or even acknowledge what they did. This is another reason why I don’t believe in reconciliations because sometimes that break up or betrayal was meant to happen so you can stay the hell away from them.

It may seem cold but baby having the courage to change or even stand up for what you believe in is power. Some people don’t know how long it takes to get someone to change before they even realize they need to change. The time that I accumulated with saying what they are doing is wrong, trying to get them to self-access their issues, getting them to see your point of view, and acknowledging the genuine truth is trying sometimes. And when you slap a healer on your name or work as one everyone thinks you are supposed to be the mature one and always let things slid. BULLSHIT, baby I’ll slide by big ass on right out of your life and won’t think twice about it.

Because at this point with these grown ass adults who I have to deal with on a day-to-day basis who go around saying they grown but keep up drama, lie, steal, cheat, and always finding fault and everybody but themselves is quite inhumane to me. GIRL, but how y’all deal with drama feel free to talk about it, make it a hashtag, but you also can credit my name ain’t shit free but air and the government gone find a way to tax yo ass for that too.


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