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How Deep Is Your Love??

Oh, relationships how we all dare to get in one and seek to find love with others outside of ourselves. Winter is coming cuddle buddy and baby making season is on the rise. I mean COVID has highlighted a lot of relationship energy because not being able to see the one you love whether it be friends, family, lovers, or careers has left us all yearning for something more out of life. Whether it be love or you are trying to love yourself more, cupid is out here sending out mass messages.

Me and my son like to listen to music, and we find ourselves jamming out to Calvin Harris album from 2014 and my favorite song off the album is How Deep Is Your Love. Because it’s about an intoxicating love affair and it is asking how deep your love goes. In this midst of the quarantine while Venus ass was in Gemini it had partners looking at other people for happiness being intrigued by other people and not bringing back the romance in the actual relationship.

The Gemini energy is tricky because the moment things aren’t fun anymore a person could find themselves out of the relationship just as quick as it starts. In astrology the Gemini is the children of the zodiac right along with the Aries it’s kind of like they mirror each other a bit but not too much. But let me get back on track because this isn’t that type of blog.

As I sat and thought about the relationship dynamic and putting myself back on the dating seen and my patience being tested by a playful Aries, I ask myself from time to time how deep does your love actually go. Like do you honestly know. I mean my last relationship took a lot out of me because loving parts of a person that they don’t love about themselves can be tricky. Because the more you see for them and they don’t see it for themselves it puts you in a position to forget about you and that is not love. That is attachment.

See those folks that are in relationships or marriages during quarantine found themselves asking do I really know the person I am with and can I really love the parts of them that don’t define my ideal mindset of beauty. See some folks believe that love is just pretty, and it doesn’t get ugly. I’m not talking about the cheating, addictions, sexual interest, and family problems. I’m talking about after the pain in my Betty Wright voice you know when the arguments getting stale and the make up sex ain’t hitting anymore.

The lack of care that goes out the relationship because along time ago you stop fighting for love. You either felt your love was supposed to be accepted always because of what society has taught you. The love I know will accept your ugly because it’s your truth even if I don’t understand it. I told yall along time ago that you have to submit to love but for those of you that have burned by the flame of cupid you could find yourself with restrictions. Because to be in love is power exchange and making sure that the circuit is hot to go is kind of hard when you don’t have a gauge.

Love is a drug and it is something you can find yourself addicted too especially when you’re always searching for that euphoric, young, and vibrant energy. A lot of men always find themselves attracted to something new, fun, and young it is because he thinks it is a reflection of the love he has to offer when, I beg to differ. Because baby if he’s not in tune with himself he can make the most fun and charismatic individual drained.

I told yall when men get in relationship they age backwards and for women, they age forward at a rapid rate but why you ask. It’s because the masculine energy hasn’t evolved to understand the feminine energy, so it burdens him/ her with the task of always loving them before themselves. And keep in mind energy is translucent so you can be a male or female which scenario fit then it fits. But I digress.

The collective of people I run into ask themselves who’s going to love me, who’s going to put up with my ways, and who’s going to be there for me? I like to think to myself an say no how are you going to love someone else. See love isn’t selfish it’s just the emotional aspect we pour into people, the attention we give it, and the things we do for it that we find ourselves confused on the dynamic of it.

Why you think marriage isn’t a common goal and people only use it as an excuse for people to stay by their side when they act as if divorce isn’t option. I mean if you don’t want to be with somebody you will find ways to leave them even if you have to hurt them. Society will call it selfish but when the time is up baby it is up. As I notice more when I talk about the topic love everyone has their own definition of it which is their truth, but maintain a union is to require a love and soul connection so deep that even in their silence their love speaks.

I wrote all this to say that this is the intro to something I am working on. But before you go ask yourself how well do you know your love? What is your love language and how does it affect your relationship or past relationships? And last but least please try to refrain from gender roles, children, finances, and sex. Remember our ancestors didn’t have access to what we have so easy this day and age they had nothing and still saw each other as love. So, ask yourself if you were stranded on a desert island who and what would your bring?

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