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Honoring Your Emotions

Honoring your emotions can be a tricky thing when you base them off outside influences. Example let’s just say that you woke up in a good mood and then you go somewhere, and everyone is a shitty mood. Do you leave or stay is the first question? Or do you push your emotions to the side to take on everybody else’s mood? If you take on everybody else’s emotions and end up feeling bad about your circumstances, then you haven’t honored yours first.

Most people who suffer from anxiety or some form of mental illness try to base their emotions off of other people. And like humans who grew up in environments or haven’t mentally grew out of that ugly duckling phase end up basing their reality off of other people. You don’t have to have some spiritual power to be able to pick on up uneasy feelings. But the question is are they yours or another person perception of what they perceive life at the moment?

Now in emotional blackmail I wrote about particular individuals who don’t know how to enjoy the party, so they find away of becoming it. Whether it be taking away from your light and redirected it to them. Yeah, its grimy in these streets when you start valuing your peace over destruction, drama, gossip, and deceit. People hate when your emotional solid in yourself.

Honestly how this conversation came about because I got to walk a mile in someone else’s shoes that I didn’t sign up for. And let me tell you baby it was emotional draining and annoying to me. Not the person but the energy because for one it wasn’t mines. And the girls be out here teaching and leeching off people energies. And when I said girl that can be guys too. And in most cases people who do energy work don’t understand the energy they carry sometimes don’t be theirs to bare.

Because it can cause havoc in your auras, chakras, and your physical body. Why you think I get so defensive when somebody be trying to speak over my life especially when its negatively and I haven’t done nothing to them. Baby they can take that dangerous and projective style energy right back to themselves. Don’t be out here letting people do that to you because you are deserving of some peace in your life.

People be knowing who to play and when they can’t, they start to act real funny when they can’t just peep game and pay attention. Now I do have to insert this because some of y’all do be antagonistic and starting drama so remember the energy you give off you are bound to receive it back some way or another. That doesn’t just apply to just magic my love.

But let’s get back on track a lot of people fail to recognize outside of family history of mental illness. Anybody mood can change or stay the same based on current experiences that play out in your life. The starters for mental health issues are finances, love, family, and children. Sometimes it can be traumatic experiences or major changes that are happening that you haven’t found yourself comfortable in.

A lot of people fail to recognize that those vulnerable times in your life is where try to make drastic decision to make yourself feel good. And like most we stay to the course of action because at once it made you happy. So, we revisit it thinking that maybe if we try again, I will get the fulfillment I need. When in actual reality is just accepting the fact and moving on from it. If I told you that everything in your life wasn’t karmic but a clone of your own behavior, would you believe me.