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I’m on the tube doing readings we gone do a quick recap on some of them before the week is out. What it is that you should focus on and ima do my hair so we can ge back to our regular scheduled program. But if you been at home with your bonnet on and your pajama pants on to come on down to PhuckYoAnxiety YouTube channel and bring your kids. Y’all ain’t doing nothing and you been cussing them kids out anyway. Trying to play like you saved and filled with the spirit when you still tell them kids put that shit back with your teeth tight.

But I ain’t got shit going on but to push out these readings out. If you with me then I appreciate you but on a real note subscribe to my YouTube damn. Y’all act like I’m asking y’all for a kidney when you know you don’t drink enough water. In the meantime, stay prayed up, focused, anointed, and directed on the things you need and want out of life.


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