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Hello, It's Me

Hey, I just wanted to jump on here and see how you guys are doing. I know that lately the collective has been in grief because of the things that has happen to them or they have done to others. Lately death has been coming around and it seems like she doesn’t want to leave because it feels as if she has unfinished business. From the readings I have been pushing out lately it seems as if black magic, gossip, hate, jealously, two faced, and deceit been running rampant in the group chat. Because we have souls who are so lost that they find themselves seeking and latching onto anything to fill alive. For me the meaning of death means that is time to change some things up in our lives.

Because we never really value life until it, is taken and for me things get taken from us daily, monthly, or weekly. Like when you pay that phone bill, light bill, rent, and car note that is a form of currency but sometimes it is also needed. Sometimes we need that reboot and refreshener to life because sometimes we cling so tightly to things that need to be removed. Now in no way, shape, form, or fashion am I relating this to a human death. Good God. “NO”! I’m talking about the things we in life put so much value in that we never receive nothing from it. Covid has had us in some stagnant energy for almost about 2 years and let me tell you the way people have occupied their time it is quite amazing to me. We have gone through major transits while managing this energy.

We had the great conjunction which was by the way bringing together the consequences of our actions to establish some form of change on our belief systems. We had Venus in Gemini and Jesus did we all want to say I’m out, this is no fun anymore. This is how you think and this what you do. Geesh, Louise. Mercury in Scorpio talk about some snooze fest that was dying to get us to go after the change we desire the most, but by it being a water sign it just depended on your emotional concept. While managing all of this and me coming to you live from the bunker saying we are in a time loop. Sounding like I’m talking to Marty off of Back to The Future. Pisces Season in 2021 felt like Scorpio season and boy let me tell you that mother fucker was exposing all of our truths and even our enemies.

Baby, if you didn’t know you found out that month. We began the year with Jupiter in Pisces and Venus being in Capricorn while both going through retrogrades did, we all want to cry and give up on life. Yes, the fuck I did I was ready to walk away from it all and live in a hut and cook all my food in the wild. Child, humans annoyed me, I annoyed me, and emotions did as well. I am person who always on the prowl seeking to move forward and having to fight so many people, places, things, and ideas trying to keep me stagnant let’s just say we are 17 days into Aries season and the nigga has been out of me. From cussing bitches out, sending back spell work, dealing with fake think pieces about me, a narcissistic ex fuck buddy who fiends for attention on the drop of a dime, a meddling gossip, and everybody wanting to be famous. All the meanwhile saying help me.

Nigga, I’m the motherfucker that need help I’m dealing with crazy motherfuckers all the time. Like damn, a bitch doesn’t drink, smoke, and barely want to fuck! What am I a monk? No, just a bitch that gots shit to do. Yeap, I spelt that right just go along with it. Jesus, I don’t know if I have 50 kids or I’m the 50 kids in me, let someone tell it I have one mood swing and Karen is bipolar. And when your thinking of who is Karen you’re looking at her on top of your screen. I would smoke a little weed but a hoe looking for a job. Maybe being an assistant to the rich, babysitting some bad ass kids, selling feet pics, trying BDSM, being a garbage truck worker, a janitor, hell anything that’s going to pay these bills.

I mean sugar daddies ain’t falling out the sky no more. These young hoes do too much, they let these niggas treat em like shit, always trying to fuck, and never shut the hell up. Like all I’m trying to is rub on Mr. Earl leg, shut up and look pretty, and listen to him to talk. No but I got to get tried and tested like I was signing up to be in the damn army because of what last bitch did. Like nigga who said all of this, meanwhile I’m yelling from the sidelines you can trust me while smiling like a fucking maniac. Clearly, I am giving you can trust me but it’s definitely giving psychotic. It’s hard out here trying to play these roles baby I am actor that is trying not to be on your TV screen for long. I’m in and then I am out. I am a magician, a woman, a mother, an alchemist, a lover, a friend, a wonderful opponent, but I am not a liar.

I will withhold a truth but am not a liar. Those are childish games that is played by fools as I say all of this in a British accent. As I stare into the abyss and say what fuck does this even means. I just wanted to come on here and make somebody laugh because the YouTube crowd has been a little if you know what I mean. But I hope this message finds you good spirits and you learn to see the beauty in life. IT IS A BEAUTIFUL MONDAY! Cues in the applause


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