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How, y'all doing after that blog I wrote, child I had the internet shooketh. They was like what is going on and why are talking about this what the hell? Well, sweetie anything goes over here. Nawl, I'm kidding though I just had to let it simmer in before we got back into it because there are chapters in people lives that they also need to heal. And when people feel like no one can relate or understand what they have been through they might not been so keen on opening up to them. Sometimes people forget that the feelings they have doesn't mean that the emotions they carry aren't real.

You'll be amazed at the people who have helped me navigate through some tough times in my life and have never went through any of things I have went through. They were just there and present and let me be me. Their empathy allowed me room to be able to emotional express my wrong and the wrong that was done to me and freed me from the shackles of my oppression. And nine times out ten I feel their are certain things that shouldn't be shared with anybody.

So, what I wrote a topic about sex workers and clout fuckers and people act like that isn't what goes on in today's economy. How could it lessen or boost my worth in the eyes of mankind when we all do things that we are ashamed if the lights ever hit our situation. It's funny how a topic of sex still gets the party going when it isn't about free or being pleased selfishly. Everybody has a life and we all condemn people for the things they choose to do in their free will.

While others they didn't have the option of free will. Why you think ancestral work been coming up so hard in these past free months. Not just the lighting candles for the altar work but to acknowledge the pain that resides in the bloodlines that is still tainted. I know me and I could care less who don't. In the words of my late Minnie Mae if they don't say your name right or even involve you in it why do you need to tell? Baby secrets been holding the black community back for so long but going around discovering others as if it was my owns is not my job.

This is just as simply as the quote on the top of the website Phuck Yo Anxiety serves as a vessel to project my passions, and clue in my loyal readers as to what inspires me in this crazy world. So, stop worrying about how somebody heal, just make sure that you heal as well. Because when you heal we all heal.-Tayannah Lewis.

And to insert my favorite quote " Your Words Are Your Wands" Florence Schovel Shinn


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