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Healing Your Inner Child Part Three (3)



I’m back with the long overdue last part of healing the inner child dialogue. The work never ends but this cycle will be revisited in a later time in the years to come. For you guys that are new to this journey and just have started the healing journey the links will be listed below.

Just a quick side note when we go over these subjects just remember theirs no race in healing old wounds. A lot of the times we as adult skip over this phase because we think this is more our adolescent years and not know thinking about how they shaped us into the beings we are today. When you overlook these blogs feel free to have some pen and paper on deck. Each section is labeled and designed to open your mind, if I left out any experiences that might have happen in your life feel free to journal them privately.

Keep in mind I try to make these messages about the collective of people and not to just target one group. Some messages may seem that way, but it doesn’t stay that way for long. Because it slows me down in my messages and create blockages in my content. So, now that we have that out of the way let’s get into the post.

As beings we seek and yearn for the better side out of life even the most evil and chaotic individuals, they do to they might not tell you, but they do. The older you get I feel there should be things you should be seeking to obtain or already obtain it. And those things are peace, tranquility, love, divinity, understanding, and the concept of life. Within each post I broke down the nouns and environmental factors that affected us and stunted our growth into being the person we needed to be for ourselves.

Just a quick reminder your inner child is the ability to have fun, seek the joy out of life, the ability to learn, and to have that unknown feeling zest to life. The inner child sometimes also can be immature, and it knows when it has had enough of something. When we as adults don’t honor our children or our own experiences, we can invalidate those feelings. Causing blockages and cause bumpy experiences for us in life.

Creating children that are never satisfied who become adults that are hard to please that easily lead them down the path of narcissism or narcissistic individuals. That end up dominating their life or end being the reason for the pain they have suffered in life. Creating a lost dialogue between adults and true happiness.

To find true happiness for me I think its to be able to be happy with yourself no matter the circumstances in life. That doesn’t mean that you will never experience doubt, fear, confusion, and chaos. It just means that you know you have to be prepared for the worst but expect the best. And that my child is your inner child. Have you ever seen a child stop at nothing after you have told them no or hurting themselves?

That willingness to get back up again to fight even after you seen the odds be against them is something that us adults can learn from children. Because us adults that carry or have carried a lot pain give up on ourselves when we don’t fit the narrative of what we think we should be because we’re not like everybody else. Have you ever stopped to think that they are not you and you are not them? I say that in the most non egoist way.

But in some cases, you met people who come into your life that brighten up those dark days that teach you how to maneuver on your own. Because they once to survived in the darkness you thrive in for your survival hood. And in most cases because some people never had those individual in their life for a long period of time or at all they always end up somehow making the collective feel like the victim.

The victim is the person who tries to psychoanalyze themselves out of scenarios and not see the issue for what it truly is. Creating and adult life that seems like a wreck to manage because you crave for that interpersonal connection with beings. But your plagued with the thoughts of what didn’t work out and why things never fall in your favor. But you never stopped once to ask yourself how you can you create this same life and light inside of you without seeking outside validation.


Bring y’all hard ass to the screen because baby talking to y’all is like trying to get boogers out of an infant nose. Child y’all be so young and set in your ways like you have experienced so much life and I’m not talking about pain. It’s like this tough exterior that has been created to keep a barrier around your heart and mind. Is truly tiring talking to y’all.

That old saying the older you get the less time you have to deal with s***! But baby that don’t mean go off and doing whatever and, however. Because you think your time is ticking so you go off chasing down deaths door to be fulfilled in position you now hate. Now I know we all have bills, children, homes, and careers to manage but do you at least enjoy the life created.

I’m assuming half of the collective don’t because you either choose so many options earlier in your years trying to please or appease people that it left you with no time for you. So, you started to develop the defense mechanism of this is how I am because you didn’t get to be the person you wanted to be when you were younger. So, when you see people who color outside the lines of your normal it causes a deep concern or a confusion within you because you thought why I didn’t think or do that.

Newsflash you are right were your supposed to be to plan out your very next step before you go off moving so prematurely. Because the older you got and the independence that comes with it you started to develop the concept of freedom because you aren’t around your issues. When in your real life you run from those things that emotionally haunt you. Like commitments, family, healing, and love. Am I right because for so many people that be leaving things up to the universe and their creators you sholl find ways around it?

That end up being your biggest downfall and creating more resistance between you and your healing. You just aren’t healing for you; you are healing for the next generation to come and live in this cruel world. Because no matter how hard we work on our problems and issues that weigh us down its still somebody out here that has to be the bad guy in these scenarios.

But when we are so focused on our own problems, we leave others that need us to be the individual we were created to be to change the world’s frequency. Because when you operate in your authentic self-there is a confidence that exudes and radiates other beings into being there true selves. Even if it isn’t the person you’ve wanted them to be.

So, I ask this question for your journal log what is one of your characteristic flaws that you know bothers others and it hinders you in your human experience? How does it help you achieve the things you need out of life? The goal isn’t to kill off parts of yourself but honoring the parts of you that needs this to get things out of life. When you understand that you won’t to be afraid to heal and be vulnerable with the child inside of you.


What’s your sex life like is it healthy? When do you normally have sex? How much sex is needed for you to be emotionally heard in a relationship? Is sex a requirement if so tell me why or why not? What is sex like to you? Is it considered to be a marking of a territory or centered around a derogatory experience? Is sex something you are comfortable with? Do you use your sex like a weapon?

The reason I ask this question is because for men it’s for emotionally validation. Here me out because when men where at young age you were pressured into have sex to identify your sexual orientation. Leaving you to seek outside validation from the boys, men, society, or a father figure who approved such behavior. Leaving you to not learn the value of sex, emotions, and the human themselves.

For women, its different we’re taught sex is something sacred and given fear-based stories. This is why men rely on the concept of thinking that all women screw and catch feelings. When its really not the case women are not being shunned by sex and sexual activities they have done because they know it’s a trick some men use to keep women in their place. So, because the collective of men are yearning for love beyond the bedroom they still are plagued with their old ways.

While women on the other hand women are now using sex as a tool to feel empowered by not participating in sex or overdoing the idea of sex. Leaving men and women who have never been taught to be emotional beings, emotionally unsatisfied. The only reason I used the topic sex because you can work the most s******* job and still think sex, drugs, or people can help you escape your reality.

Or build false connections with this thinking; thinking you know someone, or they know you based off short lived experiences. Its amazing to me how we as people go beyond the realm of ourselves to feel emotions and get mad when they let us down. Because we skip out on ourselves because we have been taught to put other things before ourselves. So, the older you get you do have less patience for things.

But don’t let that be your reason for not choosing to be in love, emotional freedom, and connections that start with you.

So, when you gone start doing the work. In the words of me you have no time to waste when you have kids because you know how your life upbringings affected you. Even if you don’t have kids that doesn’t you give the option to pussy foot around too.

Stop saying that’s how you are when you don’t even know who you are. Let me see what you made of from an authentic place!

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