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Healing Your Inner Child Part 4-1

By now I’m going to assume that you guys have read all the inner child blogs and have pulled out your journals and wrote down the things you need answers too. In another blog we’ll furthermore explain what ancestral work and shadow work is but today I don’t have time for it. A lot of people fail to recognize that the older you get the more you start to care less and less about the person who you came to earth to be. The goals, the dreams, the missions, and happiness that you signed up for.

Now I know every person who reincarnated job wasn’t designed for that, but the least you could do is get a better understanding of what your mission is in life. Here’s a few introductory blogs on certain topics.

Now just to recap by now you should know that your inner child is your belief system. That stems from the nouns and environmental factors of people who raised you, installed belief systems in you, and dealing with your conscious and unconscious mind. It is the reason why most adults believe that they are the people who are they are today because of there upbringings.

Some people fail to recognize that they’re not adults they are still the children who didn’t have the things they needed when they were younger such as; love, attention, time, affection, money, friends, help, and a developed psyche. Most humans would argue me up and down and say I’m grown but do a grown person be trying to prove to other people they grown? No, they act accordingly and get out of they way.

Now I also believe that love and career are the two top things that pushes people into an awakening when it comes down to their inner child or that charismatic feeling of life. For of those of you that don’t understand what an inner child process is and you’re paying to go to a therapist, and it they seem to ask more questions about your past. Here’s why science and emotions can coexist and in order to understand the problems that is going in your life you have to be able to create a diagnostic plan. To see what the particular root of the problem is. And that is inner child work.

Childhood is the number one starter that pushes people into the relationships they seek, the jobs they choose, the friends they make, the love they give, and as you grow older the adult you acts them out accordingly. In most cases this is why in the black community most adults who have different belief system as for as religions, raising their children, or making money are always meet with strife more than support.

Because growing up with unsupportive parents or parents who lacked the compassion for themselves always find a way of grooming you into the person they wanted to be and not who you should be. The number one top phrase in a black household is “I KNOW MY CHILD” child and they do not. Because as soon as you start doing the work on you and you hear something that is negative, upsetting, and not a response you wanted from your emotional support system. You stop and give up on everything you want because they don’t understand.

Or it creates some unwarranted passion and desire for you to be able to come up reasons why you feel what it is that you are doing is right. Child, adults have been getting on my last nerve with their unwarranted energies and opinions. Baby we are not slaves but the way the times are rolling are we really free? Because the more I notice society don’t even be caring about the immoral of the world its just if your happy and they don’t have it’s a problem. Don’t get me started.

But lately I’ve been trying to understand where that behavior stems from in certain people that I do or don’t have to deal with. Because entitlement and acting like problems don’t exist is not an adult concept. Baby it recreates traumas and just keeps those same behavioral problems going in a family dynamic, relationships, and career aspects.

I do believe that every problem you have doesn’t need to be overworked but also not overlooked like you, many things that keep going unnoticed will find away to get your attention. I noticed when I’m working with people through old wounds that still resides in the mind, emotion, and energy fields they find a way of justifying the pain they display on to other people. But will slightly turn around and complain about anything that brings them confusion how sway.

I told y’all I’m tired of people creating more victims because they afraid of other people becoming their own heroes. There are almost 8 billion in the world somebody may need to be a hero to show up for someone else. Everything isn’t always about you but the older you get society has this way of making age and money more important than you actually living your life. Just think about your elders in your family, those who you know that are established, or people who have kids and pay bills.

Child the adult them forgets about themselves so much that they go into the mode of the people who fail them. I believe hedonism serves its purpose there are functioning adults that don’t know what proper fun is when to stop and be accountable for their actions. That igniting of passion in them that they haven’t felt in so long causes them to make reckless decision that they never hone in on the fact they are grown. But when accountability kicks in, other people’s emotions, and your actions needs to be ahead for. This is when most adults go into the childlike state of emotional adherence by trying to play on your emotional well being.

Now I do believe from the start up children should be taught accountability and emotional freedom, but how can they learn this if you yourself lack it or don’t have some understanding of what is like to be a child again.

The inner child is more than just healing traumas and old wounds its breaking down the psychological patterns that have been passed on to you when you were younger. Understanding the reason why you want a marriage, commitment, that car, that house, that job, that girl or guy so much, or just basically being at peace with yourself. It is your connection to your life, your passion, and your overall meaning and will to live.

How do you fix this? What is your meaning of happiness? Can you spend time with you without having to be pre-burdened by other people or running from obligations? The older you have gotten have you started to believe that happiness isn’t possible.

What do you to breakdown the barriers between you, your mind, your body, and spirit? Do you rely more on your spirit than you do your body or vice versus for any of these? How are you in alignment with how you sow seeds and reap the rewards whether they are for good or for bad.

What does the adult you bookmark and say I’ll get to this later or that really doesn’t bother me but really does? Bookmark means to put and emotional tab on something that is too much to handle, or you don’t set time out to handle it. And just like a computer that has been shut off and when it powers back its ask do you want to restore it. Whether you had the idea of handling it or adhering to it.

Last but least if you read through all of this and justified how you are okay with your behavior. Go have a conversation with your kids and see how quickly they emotionally shut off or be ready to rip you a new one. Child, if you don’t like the replies from them or the relationship with your children is not up to par. Ask yourself have, I yet forget what it was like to be a child no matter how old I got and how old they are?

Each day you wake up it gives you more room to create a space for life and other reasons of why it lives within you or outside of you.

A thought I felt you should revisit whether or not. Does what I create today will matter tomorrow and if I meaning (you) create (inserts emotions, people, places, and things) will I want to be responsible for what I have created. -Marshae Lane.

T be continued..

I do not own the rights to the picture. I was created by EDOS ARTISTRY.


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