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Healing What Hurts

Healing What Hurts:

Healing has its ups and down and my child if you’re on that journey then you’re in for a ride. America and social media have glamorized healing so much that its not what people make it seems. When I started my journey, I never thought I would be able to make it through to the other side. Because for one I didn’t even recognize the things in my life that needed to be changed. Because for one I was in an emotionally sunken place and I was looking for external peace when it was internal peace I was looking for.

Child in 2012- 2014 I didn’t know what the hell a spiritual awakening was! I thought I was half crazy and wanted to be emotionally rocked back to the sanity I was used too. Hell, if it wasn’t a spiritual awakening, I was going through baby life was tired of me praying for things that I wasn’t ready for. Like for peace, love, serenity, stability, freedom, family, and breaking down old behavior patterns. Child it was coming in like a heat wave. While rolling in a drop top flying fast as hell because the air doesn’t work in the car. Child, I couldn’t win or lose in that situation.

All I wanted was freedom from myself like the need to be liberated and having the courage to say you are free to be you. And that wasn’t on some superficial shit. You know the strong exterior, the lack of vulnerability I possessed, the lack of being able to receive help, and the lack of being labeled emotional. Because coming from where I’m from and hanging out with people who I know talking about your feeling is weird and you get laughed at. This I why depression is at an all-time high right along with suicide and those who experience suicidal thoughts.

Because there’s a difference in being able to confide in someone and feel no judgment. And there’s also a difference in someone who knows confidentiality without it making a person feel oppressed because they carry your truth. See a lot of people do not know that carrying that healer title doesn’t come easy. It’s not the person who is logical it is also common sense while maintaining book sense. It is growing pass the elements of who you used to be. It is the reincarnation of yourself while maintaining your livelihood.

See when I write these blogs it isn’t for me it is for other people too. If nobody knows me, I tell people all the time that God didn’t call me to be a teacher in this lifetime while at the same time shiting on myself by teaching others. It’s funny how you eat your own words at times, but I have no problem adhering to a title that someone wants to bestow upon me. Because to me I am just a regular human just having a human experience.

I do believe that every trial and tribulation that someone goes through is different, but I also do believe in the method of not making a person feel alone. Have you not read the quote on the top of my website?

So, remember when you’re doing the work you don’t have to catch up with me because that race your running is for your own benefit not mine. I don’t seek gratification for those being at my beck and call. I seek gratification from those who are willing to change for themselves and smile just a little different. The confidence they exude with walking in their truth with no shame. The value they get from being them and finally choosing them for once.

Remember can’t no amount of pain be erased in a day! – PYA

But with time and strength you can get through those obstacles if you pace yourself right. Take a moment and honor where you are before you go planning the next thing that needs to be healed. Don’t exhaust yourself because you’ll feel you need to. In the words of me work when you don’t want too not when you’re tired.

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P.S. He wanna know how she get that ass like that.. -Victoria Monet

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