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Healing From Abuse

As we navigate this healing journey you have people trying to call back the broken fragmented pieces of their soul. The things life and people took from the whether it was physical abuse, spiritual abuse, mental abuse, or emotional abuse. Abuse is still abuse because it is when an targeted individual seeks out someone who is capable of being subdued by another person’s will. Now I just got to say this topic is going to get real and I don’t want no one taking this away as harmful.

In the black community we have this way of keeping abuse private and not mentioning our pain. We have found ways to navigate through our pain whether it be drugs, sex, and other outlets to keep our minds so busy that we rarely stop and sit with ourselves. And we know everybody says we blame everything on slavery, but slavery really messed up the black community. Because it left us living out the Europeans standards of life.

We do this to our own we take, we break, and strip them of their dignity because we haven’t learned what is true honor. Because we have yet to break the psychological strong hold of what slavery has did to us outside of prejudice, racism, and systematic oppression. There are many things we have kept tight to us and live out to this day and age.

For one the topic of rape in the black community is an issue that is never seen to be taking seriously until someone of a lighter hue which is white to be offended by a predatory ass individual. Prostitution is looked down upon but is glorified when a woman is beautiful, has a nice body, and is the all-around sex appeal. But we don’t go back and think about how prostitution got started about.

In the olden times slave masters used to rape and sell women to other owners. The women would only be judged by what they can do for a man and the unwillingness of to have sex with turned him on because he had some power over them. I mean slave masters had the key to other people freedom so many black women and men allowed certain things to happen to see another day. Not knowing that the things they suppressed would arise again in the heritage of our own.

Causes us to be the ones who raised rapist and abusers in our family and wonder why this happened. Again, we don’t say nothing we act as if this is okay and keep it a family secret instead of persecution the one who did it. I tell you the black family is something else as long as other people don’t know their business its all good to pretend it never happened. But what happens when the bloodline becomes tainted with those same predatory traits and your child is a victim of abuse or the abuser. What do you do you disown them or keep their mess a secret because of your pride?

Now I do believe in asking the victim is it okay to tell their story because if they haven’t healed, you’ll find yourself reopening old wounds and hurting them all over again. I mean we rarely see it that way because we just wont justice and we rarely stop to care about the victim needs. I mean we look at them as fragile people when they really are strong because to endure so much pain and to continue to keep living you have to be one strong mother trucker.

But do they ever get to see it that way no because you have so many people judging them for their pain or people telling them what it is, they should do without finding an actual solution. That most people end up killing themselves or trying to find another way out of life because to them life is never created for them.

I am firm believer that each day we wake up we have a chance to create life whether it be impactful on another human being or not. But I digress though because its hard mourning parts of you while also trying to heal those parts of you that once took so much out of you.

No one wakes up and say today I wanted to abused hell even a sadist, masochist, and a submissive have their limits. But what happens when we don’t know our own limits. I seen a post of a lady saying she doesn’t ask her daughter to hug people she don’t want to and to be comfortable in areas she is not. Because that’s her right but she also talks to her about how she can come to a better conclusion on how she can emotionally expresses herself.