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Harsh Truths

Delivering messages can be tricky because if the person isn’t in the right mind it can be damaging to the growth that is required for the person to be a better person. Sometimes the messages are meant to be hurtful some people genuinely are trying to help in a f***** way. Social media has desensitized so many people because their constantly exposed to things they wouldn’t normally see or know. People have become masters of the saying I’m just joking to deliver messages that is hidden behind resentment and the inability to move on from something. Today I received a message about something I know but it isn’t my business because I don’t believe in hurting people who don’t harm me. I have my fair share of dark moments, but it wasn’t my situation to speak on. And honestly that boy whom I talk about did a lot of damage by masking lies and truths behind humor because I didn’t want to be with him.

Child, a hurt man is a whole different story especially when he is entitled, needy, and negative. I mean how are you needy and clingy but at the same time wanting support and understanding what a fucking oxymoron. I mean words hurt and I know how to cut deep so I choose them wisely with people. I don’t ever want to be left with guilt that isn’t mines. That sound selfish but honey sometimes you have to pick your battles wisely. I believe in shooting the messenger so what if that day I chose to partake in business that isn’t mine and I suffer consequences from both parties. I mean its already tricky ass hell when people in relationships come asking for advice thinking I’m supposed to choose a side when the only side I choose is right. And sometimes their right isn’t right, so you have to know when you are beating a dead horse.

Listen were all humans and the most evil creatures know when they are wrong, they just choose to not honor their emotions. I say that so because sometimes we know certain things have played out and its time to let go, but the fact we choose not to honor our emotions leaves us in drama felt situations. I say all the time, the older you get there is no one there to tell you when to cut the party off. Meaning certain people. substances, and connections that hinder you. We cling to things that no longer serve us because at one time it fulfilled you. So, leaving something behind isn’t so easy because you found joy in something that now brings you misery. And misery loves company just not the positive people, and joyful experiences.

This year is the year to create magic, manifest, and sow seed to reaps the benefits of the things you have longed for. The number 10 is completion and it’ two of them so just imagine what you can do with a new beginning. Some of us see the wrongs in our behavior, but we chose to ignore it I mean after so many tarot reading I see so many people already onto a rough start to only to reap their wrong doings on a fast track. If you feel it is time to change or life is forcing you in a new direction go but don’t go blindly, and don’t go to slow but stay alert. I feel staying in the same position is only going to hinder you when the metaphysical wants you to do something you will be warned down until it gets done. I believe in going with the flow but also know I’m human so there are certain things I’m going to need to get going along on the journey. Do you know what it is you need to get going to start working on a new you?

I mean you know what it is that needs to be done I think your looking for support because the unknown will always be the unknown. Even if I could see what the years would bring would I truly want to control each event that unfolds in my life? Some people would opt for yes and that is why they are stuck playing out the past caught up in negative habits whether it be lovers, family, friends, and creative projects. Would you want to sit around people who do the same thing even it’s hurtful, boring, or damaging to them or you? I mean talk about avoiding the light and trying to rise about the water of emotions keeping you suppressed in a lethargic state.

At some point we have to grow up and wake up and say this is no longer serving I deserve to go after the things a I want. Being stuck in some aggressive time loop where you romanticize pain, hurt, betrayal, backstabbing, and defeat has gotten pretty old to me. I’m not victim shaming but how many times to do we have to be the person that is the remedy to our own sorrow. Every action has a reaction so if your doing something consciously to cause someone or you pain after a while it will create a numbness that no man can fix but karma and the Divine. Leaving you with a pain that is far more worser than what actually hurt. I mean we keep getting signs and ignoring them because they don’t have the emotional response you need to get you going, I mean what a selfish way to think or be. Have you ever thought that sometimes the things you ask about arrive in a certain package because GOD knows you’re going to reject it?

And your biggest lesson is not to open it but to see how you handle something that has no meaning to you. This is why so many people are repeating the same mistakes and experiencing a far more detrimental pain in areas that they never thought they would. I mean those relationships with people who you value more than creation and yourself. This is why misery, strife, and drama is on the rise because it appeals to those that are weak. Sometimes those messengers can help push you right into the blessing you need to give those folks who doubted you a lesson. To teach them to be cautious with people because you never how somebody values that nobody who you treat like anybody. I leave you with this stay fast, alert, and truthful even when it hurts not only with others but with yourself. Don’t be so attached to the past that when your future comes knocking you can’t see that it is the exact same mess you created.

Being attentive is way more valuable than some one who speaks with no caution. There’s a time and a place for everything. Remember light shined on darkness only illuminates it so you may think it is encouraging your behavior when it is only exposing what you truly are. Stay connected, protected, and prayed up. Because the enemy is on the prowl like a roaring lion.

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