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Grown Folks And Drama

When I was a kid I couldn’t wait to get grown and do grown folks things! Baby the older I got I started realize that the ones I looked up too was one day leaving this earth. And the ones I was left with was nothing but full of shit. It was a hard reality, but I learned that maturity doesn’t come with age nor wisdom.

Lately I haven’t been caring at all about nothing just a all ok then and keep it moving. I think I‘m at a place in my life where I’m tired of repeating myself to grown folks. If you understand can I get Amen! Lately the topics in the readings for the month of May was ancestral work.

Meaning getting to know yourself a little better and the environment around you a little better. Understanding the reason why you do the things you and why who has influence over you. Majority of the collective been on that so, we are well aware it’s just the ones thats not that keep on collecting karmic debt.

Now for those of y’all that’s spiritual is it me or people just have a way of not wanting to change the things they complain about. I’m not talking about job. I’m talking about they friends, the addictions they have, their love life, self prioritizing, and changing their overall behavior. It’s like we see them do this constant rodeo of things and then complain about what isn’t changing.

Because change has become nothing but words, a picture, and a hashtag. That the reality of a certain situation doesn’t pertain to them anymore because they’re to caught up in the illusions of life. I mean I get it drama is fun when it isn’t yours but if that’s all you have to offer do you ever ask yourself, why am I not okay with me.

Every since I left this job, baby folks has been finding a way to put me in some shit. Baby my name is Bennet and I ain’t in it. Sometimes I’m amazed by the fact that people will go to odd end lengths to get attention and then complain when it’s not what they wanted it. I know it’s apart of life but child if you gone have grief about the s*** you do then maybe you should stop.

I mean I get it we live in a world with a saying you only live once, but the devils wake up everyday. Ha, funny right. That’s the times we live in where people will do anything to fit in because standing out is a hard thing to do. See the way these messages been rolling in from spirit a lot of people been alone and don’t even know it.

It’s just these real life events that is exposing it to certain people because they’ll rather have their moment when they really don’t have one at all. I realized the older I get the more you start to recognize that peace is hard too get to. Because when you been at the bottom searching for a way to make it to the top you start recognize that, that sinkhole you was living in really don’t matter anymore.

Because people act like when you make it out them rainy days that the sun is always going to be out. You sh***ing me, baby the hardest thing I had to do in my life was maintain my peace not my mad. See anybody can get mad, be lower vibrational, gossip, and keep s*** going. But the person who decides that every fight ain’t they fight. Eventually learns that a dog gone always howl at the moon. 🌚

So, when you see folks who don’t love themselves enough to know when to quit. Remember they always will go back to find themselves in the mess they left themselves in. Every gossip ain’t tea sometimes it’s truth in that. Not the person telling the tale, but how they really feel about themselves.



Image: 5 of wands Sante Muerte Tarot Deck

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