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Greetings Earthlings!

I would like to say welcome to my home, Writing is my safe space where I can easily access my analytical and logical mind. It's the escape from reality to release my burdens while blissfully creating an euphoric experiences. I'm human, I hurt, I laugh, I cry, and live. I created this page to be safe space while living in my truth out loud in front of world. As times progressed in life I stopped living and start doing like most functioning adults. I created a life I hated desiring to be understood by people who only misunderstood me because they didn't understand themselves. It harden my experiences with reality and life to move around unattended only to be seen by those who laugh at you and not with you. Over the years I wondered and watched a numerous of people go through experience afraid to speak up because of those I have helped before took advantage of my superpowers. After awhile these experience made me feel like any other human not want to be around people. So, I ran away in my little shell and to never come back out again, but it's tricky because while I was hiding I was still trying to save the world. So, feel to look around my website is very much fresh , So in the words of Erykah Badu I'm and artist and I'm sensitive about my s***.


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