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Gossip And Smear Campaigns

Gossip and Smear Campaigns:

In a world where the word narcissism is overly used and just now being shed a light on people fail to see the emotional, psychological, and spiritual damage it does to the human existence. For those of us that have encountered a narcissistic beings or individuals at one point it left us crippled without the ability to move forward in life. The lies, the gossips, the mind games, deceit, and fuckery that came with it robbed us of our peace. At one point we all thought what did we do to deserve this.

Nothing but to grow up and change how we perceive the world and to not let the evil of the world turn us into the evil that once was bestowed upon us. The word narcissist seems to only classify itself to men and is only used in relationships with spouses, but rarely highlights how it could be a parent, friend, or family member. Women really have the highest number statistically in being a narcissist person.

But because patriarchy labels us as emotional and weak it seems to go by unchecked because we women have a way of changing the narrative emotionally. To be honest and quite frank we all have narcissistic traits if you say you don’t then it’s most likely you probably suffer from some mental illness. And just because you suffer from mental illness it doesn’t mean that you don’t have narcissistic traits.

Ex: What is it that you are good at? If it has anything to do with social media branding you work your hardest at gaining the attention and keeping the attention on what you are good at. That my child is a part of narcissism but it’s used for a purpose. We see the negatives of it when people get a little too comfortable in their behavior and freely disrespect the ones who help them keep their money flow going.

We’re you see people taking advantage of the power they have whether it be fame they take advantage of those who are enlightened by who they portray to be and not who they are. This is why people have these horror stories of celebrities being mean and nice nasty with people. Because they got caught up in the reality of who this person pretends to be that it ends up being crushing experience for the both of them.

Enough of that lets get into the real spill.

The Blow Back:

Y’all know my pet peeve is gossip not like you checking a person but when you try to destroy a person creditability. Now it defers if you out here doing some heartless dog eat dog s***. But when people take it upon themselves to go digging in people lives looking for shit to harm them. That to me is a low that no man can come back from karmically. I mean they can but that shit is hurtful. Some of y’all ain’t had to encounter somebody telling a lie that sound like the truth because they got enough evidence that match a piece of a story.

While the person who is being shunned and is in turmoil is quiet or hurting because they are losing support. Because people really don’t be about that support life like they say they are because some people don’t even give people the benefit of the doubt. The cruel thing about gossip is because people be knowing who to tell certain things because they know they can spread the information faster.

And there’s nothing you can do when information is hot off the press and has hit the mouth of the south. Unlike most people who have dealt with this that is living regular lives we didn’t have some PR manager coming in to save us. We didn’t have something that we could do to sway people back in our favor. No, we had to be forced to consume the lies, the hurt, the pain, and the agony that came with it.

And when someone who knows how to use narcissistic tactics or is a narcissist to get someone out of the way that shit can hurt even the most cold-hearted person. I mean a narcissist goal isn’t to promote love and light it is to take as much as it can from a person so they can become the victim that they truly are. I haven’t met a narcissist without childhood trauma, emotionally disconnection, and hardships.

Now, don’t go off labeling yourself damn a narcissist because you reading this saying, I have this issue. It’s what you do with your pain that puts you in the narcissistic realm. It’s level to narcissism remember narcissism is created and psychopaths are born. So, a narcissistic individual can change its ripping them of the support they rely on that never hold them accountable.

Because these beings are crafty and only rely on people who are master in areas they can’t or unwillingly to try and they mirror some form of weakness back to each other. This is why the people never believe victims when they talk about the pain and the abuse, they endured with a person. Because amongst each other they hide parts of who they are from each other because low-key they know in order to understand it requires them to be human.

I hate how we all humans want to be accepted but our acceptance is only labeled down to what we can control in a person. That is tolerance because love knows no bounds humans need boundaries not love. And boundaries aren’t restriction its guideline in honoring another person existence. But that drama is shit so over played and at a certain age it should even excite a person anymore.

Like to sit up and create ways to destroy someone because you don’t like them or they actively don’t know you. That’s a problem like what in God’s green earth is this shit rational. I mean people be flying monkeys. In the words of my friend Lyndon bandwagon b******.

And what’s the most disturbing thing about it, is that shit goes on in families and not only in business. I am firm believer that the first pain you identified came from a place you called home or person you loved. And until we check or address the issue that pain always find a way to come back to address you. And the funny thing about it though, is that when it comes from family, they have a way of rationalizing their behavior.

But they can call out all the wrong in the people you date, meet, hang with, or everything you do except they damn selves. I find this triggering because in the black community and black households, boundaries, privacy, trust, honesty, and transparency is always off the menu. Until you become the black sheep or the person that doesn’t associate yourself with family.

I mean have you watched Green Leaf Grace is the enemy because her uncle was a rapist and she left home and her sister killed herself because of the pain she was going through. Her own family tried to gaslight her out of her own pain and says she was the problem when they were. The whole family had to be shaken down playing with the Lord’s name.

All she wanted was answers and her mother resented her because she didn’t take pain how she felt it was lady like. Women have this way or wearing their pain as if its badge of honor. Not talking about the problems, they have but they pain they carry on them that comes off as arrogance that is sheer hurt. Like we are supposed to take pride in being an emotional punching bag for life. Excuse me you got the wrong guys.

The bible once said a woman scorned will destroy many men in her life. And I believe that man was also related to a woman too. Because woman can be cruel, egoistical, and downright destructive when they feelings are hurt and justify that shit with dumb ass reasons. Like its okay to do such.

While being in the number in 2 years I said that feminine energies was going to be in for a ride and those heartless men was going to grow through a heart chakra awakening because Divine sick of us.

I just wanted to say the next time you find yourself intertwined in someone else drama ask yourself am I helping the situation or fixing them. From a realistically place because sometimes you think it’s fair to stick up for someone and don’t even know the real issue. Now I’m not saying you can’t be Clark Kent but is your Clark Kent superpowers evolved.

Because unconsciously we have found ourselves pushing drama because we felt our motives were right when the whole time we were being duped.

Signed A Tired H**

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