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Reports of people details that aren’t normally true.

In this day in age gossip has reached its highest peaks and when I say people going to lengths to push a narrative that soothes them. Whew chile disgusting! I mean emotional accountability is off the menu especially when people are alleged pushing for change. A lot of this COVID energy is getting on my nerves and when I say it is, I mean people that are so bored and attended to other people’s drama is getting pretty old.

I mean people will get mad because of lies they spew about you and get mad when they aren’t true. Who does this? A lot of people don’t believe it will be a consequence to their actions. For people who go around revealing things about a person in an ill manner way to gain favor by society are the most trashiest individuals in my book. I keep telling y’all to go check out the book People of The Lie it talks about the true nature evil.

I always say whoever gets to control the narrative is the most powerful one in the room and a lot of people are being grifted out of their own sanity chasing down stories that are built on lies. But what happens when the person who lies the most finally gets caught in a lie. They find another way to divert the attention of the people from one thing to another. Because for one moment when you held them accountable for their actions, they couldn’t take heat of their own crap they dish out.

Social media has highlighted the behavior for disloyalty and a lot of people really don’t know the true meaning of loyalty. Some people think loyalty is only to be nice in a person’s face and bad mouth them behind their back. Oo I miss the days when people would beat people ass about their name, but I digress I don’t want to promote any violence. Because even those who lie all the time get mad and try to utilize violence like they’re the offended party.

I said to myself this morning if I knew this dude being the victim would’ve got him so much attention hell I would’ve did it first but they ain’t my kind of style. Because I know Divine got a special place on earth for them and that’s suffrage. Baby you better ask and there no magic that can beat God’s timing and punishment that’s why it bothers me when humans try to play God in humans life and complain about the things they have to do. Like shut up nobody told you to do that you could’ve just let karma eat they ass and keep it moving.

But because y’all make people punishment shorter, y’all drag out situations only to hurt yourselves in the process because you can’t let go of the outcome of how you want things to play out. People amaze me in this season because the same ones who complain about the hurt, they have experience in life so easily do it to others and wonder why the never get the healing another person gets.

TRUE STORY! This one guy has painted me out to be villain in so many stories that when I started to act like one people was like “uh huh, you ain’t no villain.” I’m over like hello, duh nigga damn. You see how mirroring and projecting works if you go looking for the said negative’s things in a person, you’ll find them and if you go looking for the positives you will find those as well.

I mean we’re all humans and we have good days and bad days, but some are just coherently just evil. Do you know how low you have to be to repeat something that isn’t true and to judge a person based off nonfactual statements? Yes, pretty low to me I think because I view life differently a lot of people don’t even know their own shadow and be worried about other folks instead of themselves. So, when people take the time to expose other people weakness in an inhumane way it just shows us your true nature of how someone can do the same to you.

I always say when you are pointing one finger at me its three pointing back at you but if I take away one, I’m going to give you two. Meaning no matter what blame you place on me I’ll take it, but those other three fingers always shows your involvement, your actions, and your truth. That’s accountability right I mean people only want to use accountability measure when someone else has done something to them but never what they do to others right.

I got folks prying all up in my damn business waiting on me to say something and I’m not because for what to be a topic and to allow those same fake caring bullcrap tactics they do with others to do it to me. I think not. I mean those who know they know and those who don’t just create a sense of drama for their own liking and get mad when I have to protect myself. My sanity matters more than some gossip a boy is going about lying for 6 years straight and getting made when people are closing in on the story.

I don’t put people in my business because the same way people come venting to me about how others do them, I have experienced the same. So, what the hell I look like telling some unevolved creature my business because the first chance I don’t let them walk over me, or treat me like the hurt I experienced they gone do the same thing the others did. Intentions much.

But I wrote all this to say why does gossip consumes so much and I’m not talking about your local media host who report business. I’m talking about those people who throw their own friends under the bus for a story. What do you actually get out it? I really want to know.

How does it serve you? What voids does it fulfill for you to hurt people who didn’t do anything to you? Did you know lies hurt even more than a receiving and apology? Do you know how painful it is when someone isn’t telling the truth, but you see the attention they get from the lie? I said in a blog post back I said the bullies get to be the victim when the victim has to be labeled as the bully.

Learn how to be honest or practice silence because once you open your mouth and say something that’s isn’t true without saying I don’t know or allegedly its down hill from there.

True hurts when you are living a lie that’s why so many people fighting to stay the same. -Marsha Brady 

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