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Go For What You Know

Updated: May 13

Last night before I went to sleep, I had a message that came across and said someone is a “Kid With a Dream”. Now for me the message was specific because it was about a boy who was sitting on their goals. I don’t know if someone needs a sprinkle of inspiration, or you are just stuck in a mode of doubt to where you feel the things you want out of life won’t be able to come in fruition. I am here to tell you to try your luck because sometimes what you think won’t work might just work for you. If you focus on the outcome of others all of the time, how will you ever know if you are going to be satisfied with the goal you have at hand. Now this could be some business adventure that you are embarking on, and this feels like unfamiliar territory, but it seems like the work is more internal than anything. I don’t know if it is about the approval of other people, not having the proper funds, team, or support.

Let me tell you social media is a monster, and it will eat you up and spit you out if you let it but on the bright side if you know how to see the positive in the negatives you can get some great feedback from individuals. Because not all comments are negative sometimes, we can be so bogged down in seeing people project their hate that sometimes we don’t see some people just telling us to tighten up. We are not in the era of marketing executives and boardrooms asking what do you think about launching this certain product. Nope, some people just do it and launch it and bite the audience to see if they take it or not. Some businesses fail because of their social dynamic and lack of resources they aren’t exposed to and the whole water down marketing tool of shoving it in our face doesn’t work well with things. You either become obsessed with it in five minutes, hating it, or trying to avoid it. It’s a market for everything you have to find what works for you.

Because if I would've listened to people that told me no baby, we wouldn’t be standing three years strong over here and my anniversary just passed for having my business. And I am so glad that I didn’t stop because of all of the no’s I got and people not understanding my views and beliefs, so I took what I had and made the best of it. I thought to myself how could I add a piece of me while at the same time I make it about you, and in the meantime, we navigate this human experience. It took me years, doubt, tears, sleepless night, lack of not wanting to be seen, and heartbreak to see that bitch you can do this, and I did it. Now the pricing came over time because baby I was working myself like a mule when I first started doing tarot because I enjoyed the process but it limited my access to write. This wasn’t what this was supposed to be about. I think I'm going to start taking people intervals and they’ll just have to argue in the comments about it because no. And for the ones who got gouped by those PayPal bandit's hacker baby I took cash and cash apps only.

And sometimes I rejected a lot and ended up doing it on live for free that’s why some of the readings be private because some people opted for that and when time goes by, I might make it public if it is a subject that has become more than a number 10. Moral of the story, find out what works for you because if it is an emotional block I found and old reading I did that relates to what the energy is presenting. I know you might see the word Virgo and say to yourself hey I'm not a Virgo but hey that message might be for you. Plus, I don’t read for the zodiacs and y’all ass ain’t caught on yet, unless it’s the energy transit that going into the next season. I don’t know who needs to hear this but spread your wings you’ll never if you can fly.

“Some say shoot for the stars, but I say go for Mars it's all about that action baby.”


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