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Girl What Y'all Doing

Girl what y’all doing as for me nothing I have been on a mental vacation. I know some y’all have been checking the website for the rest of the readings, but baby that shit takes time and guess what do I got it? Maybe, maybe not? Child, I have been tried all across the board for the past couple of months and last week to the point I said you know what fuck this. Do you have time for this, and you know what self said NOPE? My inner child has been taking hit after hit and my grown ass had to sit back and realize that sweetie your heart getting colder and colder. It’s people who don’t believe in your growth that is trying to go around and attack peoples mentals health because they unhappy. They are coming with false issues like they need help when they really bringing drama.

And child I can respect a good lying ass motherfucker but when it gets to the point where you want me and other people to believe the lies is where I draw the line. I have my fair share of hobbies that I like and every time I turn around it seems like somebody else is trying to come over on the grown folk’s playground causing shit. Like damn sweetie we grown over here we don’t like drama, mess, and being in stress. We are looking for peace we didn’t get old to become our parents they ass stayed complaining and emotionally unsatisfied all the time. Now as an adult I’m not going to say that life isn’t going to beat you down but lately the people who cause the mess are the ones asking for help. How you the victim when the victim been emotionally hiding it from you? Bullies I tell you.

Child, a hoe doesn’t receive a dime off anything, and you have people wanting to be like today is a good day for drama in five, four, three, two, one. I know people may not get it or like it, but it is people who depend on me you may not like it, but they do. Some how some way someone trusts me enough to be a light through their darkest hours and if I can’t be of service, I will gladly refer them to someone who can help as well. In the words SEDNA, THERE IS ALWAYS ENOUGH”. I am not a person who is greedy, but I am not money hungry or selfish. I don’t have no problem with sharing with those in need but when it becomes a threat to my sanity, peace, and safety that’s where I draw the line.

The constant spell work, spiritual warfare, and hecklers is emotionally annoying. Because the same way I made this page, you can off and make another too. I promise I am not a jealous hearted individual you think when I made this one God was like you going to be the only person with blog. Hell, nawl you know how many writers there are in this world, but I make sure I stay in contact with the collective and try not to treat people like a number. Because after awhile you can become so focused on getting the job done that you never stop to check in and see if it was even the help that people actually needed. We are all growing on our path, and I find it that there are many teachers in this one its jut finding the right one. But in this human design social media sure does know how to put a little glamour on things and make them seem as if it is the perfect solution to something.

I mean the lack of boundaries people have has left me in utterly disgust. I mean I talk about duck lips an anxious betty creating this narrative, but it is at point to where I have been becoming emotionally isolated. I remind me of my dog Missy and let me tell you that bitch is mean and unruly, and it was distasteful as fuck for her to be like this. Then you have every female or male who know magic thinking you suppose to a source for them baby if yo ass don’t praise the devil yo ass be worshiping in a private. So, we can have some peace in this place I have been in my lane doing what works for me for longest, so I know when someone is trying to fix a specific issue and not the overall problem. Which I have no problem with, but it becomes a problem when you are looking for an energetic transfer or a host for your problems. This isn’t how this works over here, and I hope none of you light workers been putting up with this because that bullshit there is something that brings the nigga up out of me.

Like I say all the time check your body when you get up so you can see if something is energetically off or physically hurts. Because its some people who people looking to throw, they burdens on you. I don’t have a mental illness, but I damn sure do my best to advocate for those who have it or people who are on the verge of a nervous breakdown. I am honest when I work with people but when my time is demanded and expected with no compensations, I can refer you to someone. Because I don’t pull shit out of my ass, I take my time and take pride in my work because sometimes you don’t need someone to give you a solution to a problem you need someone to listen to you.

I have said this a multitude of times that you already know the answer in most cases you just haven’t been able to be heard before. In a world where everybody wants everything right now, today, tomorrow, and in the next minute its like damn what they on. Do you give you the time you need? Girl, I’m so ready to move and get the hell away from these damn cameras and people thinking that my time is there’s. Whew, if you only knew what the hell was going on behind the scenes you would be saying the same thing too. All I ask is be patient with me because the ones who keep up the most ruckus ain’t gone give a damn about my well being on good or a bad day. So, as I bask in the dreary eyes of the sky, I find solace in the silence before the storm. – Marshae


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