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Get Your Power Back

Getting Your Power Back

Over the past few weeks, I have noticed this dull energy that has me and the collective in a chokehold. I’m talking about so strong to the point where it has me saying let me GO damn. The energy alone has been intrusive and emotionally draining to the point where all I could do is look and scroll down social media. I have not been in a place to give, to receive, or even be in the mind frame to manage energy itself. The toxicity that is wreaking havoc on my life and others as well has me thinking about a lot of things. How people who are looking for emotional support in the wrong arms are forgetting their own power.

And when I say power I’m not talking about the ability to be able to control other people or exuding some form of energy to come off as authoritative. No, I’m talking about knowing who you are and what you are willing to stand for and in this day and age that can be very tricky. Especially when social media is at play. I mean think about it you have people who say what you are thinking before you get a chance too, the ability to see things you never would’ve seen before and to interact with people whenever or however based on your emotionally concept. The trauma that most people have endured is quite inhumane, but the psychological affects aren’t new to certain individuals. Some of them have experienced this place of rock bottom emotionally, mentally, physically, and spiritually before.

That the healing phase they are trying to get too isn’t the same a regular person who have experienced some form impact for the first time in their life. This isn’t to get all psych 101 this is a more universal way of looking at things. Majority of certain individuals who have felt emotionally beaten down, ego bruised, dismissed, and blocked have had these emotions before they just pushed them to back of there mind and existed as if these experiences haven’t happened before. And depending upon your race nine times out of ten if you are black you do not feel or process your emotions. And when it comes to processing your emotions the normal methods just want work for you. You usually end up looking for the now when you should be more focused on the why? And I normally don’t say that. Because in this instance the why should come from the emotions you are experiencing, the reason behind the action, and intentions into things.

Not the why of the other people but more of the why when it comes to your own experiences that you have of life. This just tells me that the breakthrough you desire to have is an unrealistic experience that you just want the how can we or I get to the person, relationship, mom, or life we used to have. The lack of self-exploration kinda scares me because it is not a thing that can tell you who you are. Now granted there are psychics, tarot readers, prophets, and mediums who have amazing gifts, but it is up to you to unlock that power not us. In the inner child intro, I wrote and asked if there anything you feel I left out feel free to insert it yourself. Because there is no way tangible I could get all of the points at once while still trying to manage this content.

Not one person came with there question just a debate on how did I obtain the information that I have come across. And it tells me that some of yall are in the phases of 13–18-year-old you where don’t know what you want out of life, but you know you desire some form of change. You desire to have friends, love, support, and honesty. All at the same time while wanting some form of freedom but what is that? Because being told what to do by parents who where barely making it by and raising us off their life structure really didn’t work for us did it. And here you are searching and seeking for your next answer while at the same time resistant to a form of change.

Majority of people try to make it through their whole life trying to forget the person they used be and that they end up forgetting they still needed the old version of them. It’s funny how we say what you would you tell your younger self instead of saying do I even except my younger self. The fool who had rose colored glasses to life, the naïve but brave one, the resilient and unwillingness to back down from a fight, or my favorite the one who just want to live no matter how hard it was. Because we seen how adults can kill the inner light into a child. Desiring to be grown, making decisions that they felt was correct at the time, the need to please others more than themselves, and losing hope in life because their parents did the same as well to them.

People fail to recognize how history psychologically rocked a lot of us and made us live a life we no longer wanted to be a part of. Example: Black Americans not wanting to be slaves anymore desiring to be free that in order to obtain that state of freedom they had to put themselves in the most inhumane situations. That on the flipside of things it taught us as a collective to never let go, to shoot for the stars, and believe in our dreams. Allowing us to think that we should endure hardships because this is what mama had to go through in order to experience freedom. Have you ever thought to yourself that it was just their story where they had to experience those things in order to show us what power is?

Its tricky when talk about Black America, our history, and roots because we want all the glory without even understanding the pain we sign up to endure. I said the other day that when comes to reincarnation that light skinned people are the only people who remember who they are. We as black folks don’t because we become so consumed and confined by the art of the world that by time we start living we are too afraid to die. This is why many sit on there death beds and want to reconnect with everyone they always forgot about. Why don’t we start to live today, to be free from dysfunction, to honor our own soul’s purpose? To accept the fact that somedays we just don’t know and baby that is life.

Each day is just another day to decide to take another step. We decide master ourselves, we decide to hug ourselves, to feel emotionally let down, to embrace the confusion, to seek solace, to accept every wrong that is done to us and to others as well. We are the masters of our fate and sometimes we forget that outside of any religion without faith our work is dead. Inner child work, root chakra work, ancestral work, or hell even life isn’t the blissfulness you see that those who have it. It’s those who preserved and keep going to see a better way out of things. Those courses, classes, or even zoom calls people have is only the cheat sheet to help you make your life a little bit easier. GET YOUR REFRESHNER ON WHILE I PLUG THESE OLD BLOGS BACK IN.

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