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Gemini Season Energy


If you watch the reading I did for the month child, I didn’t like that energy but it is an energy that is fluent in the group chat. Now I don’t think it is that, for all but I was the recap energy of things of the past. Things you did to create a goal but you didn’t do somethings all the way right. So, it’s time to get things organized or to finally let something go for once. For my other people y’all was going through somethings because of false information giving to you, greed, pride, ego, and blatant selfishness. The Taurus Energy Read came in to the Gemini reading because we spent majority of our time in retrograde. And due to their being delays, plots, and schemes some people seemed like they couldn’t get a leg up because of false competition and hidden ways. Whew, child but I digress ima link that one down below and let's gone get in here because my weekend coming up and I need to get some peace. Congratulation to all the parents, your child is at home for good. No more getting up in the morning for drop off. Now you can just go straight to Starbucks.

That magazine that you have been reading that has been giving you fashion tips, weight loss fixes, and hacks for mom is a sign that it is time for change. It is time for someone to change their outer appearance while for some it’s the interior. You don’t have to look like what you been through as I say this, while I go the corner store looking like a homeless person hoping they offer me some change for once. The energy is changing around you and someone has to start wearing their feelings. Being more expressive when it comes to colors and the things they desire out of life. Now this is some Geminian energy I am here for it. For some of you it's time to get out of comfort zone. Stop circling and sharing your ideas in the same places that act like they don't hear you. I heard It's time to grow up and take the kids gloves off.

It's time to get in the ring champ and show us what you made of. It’s now or ever for some it’s not a dire situation that is calling you to walk around owning your truths buts it's to be more assertive. And not aggressive, to speak your truth, call out your wrongs and things around you, and own your power. You have played it small for so long that it is time that you at least hit one home run on a situation that you have been trying to accomplish. If there is a goal, that you have been putting off its waiting on you nobody is going to remind you but you unless you own a business. The older you get; you forget how annoying elders would be to remind us of the things we need to do. And when you get older sometimes you wish you had those things, but sometimes you need to develop boundaries and keep them out of your business for the sake of your own peace and sanity.

Because for some you, you have been through it and I'm not saying it to enable the feelings of lack but the way that lady is sitting in that white on this card she accepted that life has had its challenges. For some of y’all its been this point to prove between you and other people. Like I'm going to keep my calm, play it safe, and cool. When the whole time spirit was calling you to live a little. Most people think living a little is going out and indulging on the dark side when it’s not. You’re just finding another way to hide yourself. Because ima be honest a lot of people aren’t too accepting of the things everybody does, or has done. You may come off like a rebel for the truth but it takes tenacity and courage to able to find out the things other people wouldn’t want to know.

I'm hearing keeping pushing little engine because you may seem tired now but it will all be worth the wait. Somebody could undergoing a construction period in their live where they feel like everything is being torn down, “it is”. For some it’s an assessment going on to see what can stay and what can go. For others your literary building or remolding something. This construction period that someone is going through is building the faith that someone has in themselves or in life generally. Because some of the foundations you have made with some people should have been sucked up in a sink hole a long time ago. Because if they weren't drilling hole in the boats, they literary kept crashing the yacht over and over again. Some people have to learn the value of importance. Just because you can repair something so easily it doesn't mean they have the right to destroy something for fun.

So, start paying attention to those who genuinely mean you no good, who is making a mistake, and who doesn’t care that their actions affect you.




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