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Gemini Monthly Tarot Reading


Now keep in mind I’m an artist and I’m sensitive about my shit so don’t go off getting offended about my Spirit team.

Overall message was fighting with family or for family, losing your stability or things of value, family drama, somebody over their starting shit, not knowing when to give up, isolation, and creating your own blockages.

Some of y’all still in the mind frame from when y’all was kids still standing up for the little girl or boy in your life. You think your standing up for yourself when you actually blocking yourself off from people in your life. Now this could be a custody arrangement and some of y’all waiting on child support from your baby daddy or baby mama. Because some of y’all of been needing them clothes and shoes for Jon Jon and them football clothes and shoes are expensive. I can just hear you cussing out your baby daddy for not doing shit.

Some of y’all been arguing with family because somebody used to call you ugly when you where younger and you think you getting back at your sibling or cousin will bring you peace. All because somebody got money and the other one looks better. It’s petty and trivial and the problems y’all have going on your mama used to go through this with her sisters. She been keeping secrets and it causes a family divide because y’all have been waiting on clarity on situations and its pissing one of y’all off. You may have started to do inner child work and you rushing through that shit. Spirit is saying take your time because you’re not listening to what your body needs. You need to rethink your approach with connecting with them because you are doing damage.

You may be feeling like you are alone but you’re not you have the power to walk away from limiting beliefs, but you create the blocks in your life. Spirit said you don’t know when to quit so you create these hardships in your life, and you end up feeling depressed. If you are managing two women whether you are male or female somebody gone tell it, it possibly could be a family member. This is sneaky lil fuck so good luck with that. Keep in mind this doesn’t have to be your situation it could just be you taking on your environment energy.

I see a same sex relationship on the table, but somebody is scared how people gone view them. Because these two people live together and don’t nobody know but you. If you are a person who know why I feel like you gone tell it or your spouse is ready for you to tell it. If you got a vacation planned with your family somebody gone, try to start an argument with somebody. If you’re in relationship somebody been having financial issues and they expect you to fix it for them. Now it could be you. But just know its some drama coming behind some money.

If there is a will and testament at play, I’m sorry to say it ain’t looking to good for the Air signs because you have created this narrative you don’t need nobody. So, the family feels like why do we need to leave you anything it could as simple as a hand craved table they voting yo ass out. You be saying you really over shit when you not you go right back and do the same shit over and over again. It’s like you programmed that way and unable to see or do different. I am just the messenger here new this could be you.

I just feel heavy on the isolating energy because somebody is quick to jump to conclusion. Somebody might be drugs and heavy ones at that, that’s why they be having them mood swings. Child, if you don’t carry yo ass to bed and start all over again today. Why the hell I want to say some of y’all need to go to a behavior therapist? Maybe you do it doesn’t make you crazy. Watch who you dealing with or I need to warn my collective about you. Some of y’all going through an ego death and its painful because you keep gripping towards the old and its making you feel alone. This could be a father figure or some male in your life.

Somebody ego gets the best of them and causes a heap of problems. Y’all over there acting like your sister sign Sagittarius and let me tell you it ain’t working for you. Wishing ill will on people ain’t doing you know good at this time because you are receiving it in other things. Like a leaky pipe, broken garage door, knobs breaking, and other things that cost you your time and money. You get so frustrated and worked up about this that this is your karma. Because you don’t listen but I’m telling you this got something to do with a man in your life. He may be toxic and its like he all over the place causing you to be confused.

Somebody has a personality disorder and that is completely fine just name her so we can know who the hell will we dealing with. One of them is called Tina get to know her because she too aggressive and she wants to be embraced, but her erratic behaviors pushes people away. And a man can have a woman personality as well and not be gay. He can just have to much feminine energy to the point he winds up hurting women.

Moral of the story it is okay to seek outward validation but when it becomes a habit you allow other people to decide who you are. This is why people don’t see your sneaky, erratic, delusions, and manipulative tactics in the beginning. I always tell people if you are dealing with someone who suffer with a mental illness, please get a therapist as well because their problems can be overwhelming. Its not saying your lover doesn’t love you sometimes they need an outlet too.



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