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Gemini Monthly Reading


Keywords: I want you, no wanting to go there, lack of love, feeling down in the dumps, or feeling like your love life is cursed to a bad fate.

Somebody is going to have to realize that they are going to have stop communicating with someone who is killing their dreams. They may seem like a light in your darkest hour but it gives a crash and burn. As soon you feel this rush of excitement their is this person in your corner that I am hearing that is a rival who knocks you down. It could be a sibling or a past flame working in cahoots against you or someone you love. Somebody likes to leave out finer details of the arguments to get you riled and to come have they back. And I'm hearing that, that is getting played out because somebody just wants some honesty from you. Could be an Aquarius ️, Scorpio ️, ️ Gemini, Libra ️, and Pisces ️!

This person has been like the devil and the angel on your shoulder but it is really the devil. It's like someone is obesssd with you crashing out and losing it all. Not because they want what you have but they want you to lose it all so you can be like them.

And for some of y'all this isn't going to for you because you got work to do. The song to be exact is the Isley Brother, "Work To Do"! You may be working with a person and this person withholds certain information from you about meetings, company policy, and also emails. They have took you off the email recipient so if you are wondering why you haven't been receding your emails this person can rerouted back to them. This is the type of person that would gladly forward your emails back to corporate to get you fired. To make it seem as you don't want to be apart of corporate.

I don't know who needs to hear this but somebody needs to gone start getting your paper trail ready and if so find another job because whoever this is they ain't playing fair at all. I don't know if you are working with someone who you know but they are trying to beat you at your game with your job, career, or something you do that you are great at. On the flip side you may have to go down to the school because somebody child is falling behind dude to being bullied. And the school system is doing anything about it. They are going to try reflect everything back on the home and environment. When it is really them.

On the flip somebody need to do some throat chakra work so they can work on their speaking engagements. It's like someone is the spokesman's for a company and brand and ends up taking on too much when they end up putting the burdens on the team instead of themselves. And for others just because you said yes you feel like it is your responsibility to the job. When the whole thing is you are suppose to just vibe. It's like being off the clock and saying I'm off and letting your boss deal with the blowback.

It's giving 10 of Wands because somebody is out of the guidelines that they have signed up for when it comes to work. You either are going to be paid, get a raise, bonus, time off, PTO, vacation time, or time and half. Somebody has to learn has to negotiate for the things they want instead of trying to be a hard worker to receive nothing. It's like someone is giving it a 100 for a 180 days and for the rest of the 185 days they are giving nothing and sometimes the numbers bleed together.

So you have to be aware when you asking for things this month and make sure you are capable of what you are taking on. If you saying you are watching someone lane child be realistic about it. If you say you want to help out the church be realistic because you may have that much energy to give to them. Use your time wisely because you'll will end up being unfulfilled. And for those that are pregnant by that man you said you was never going back to how you end up pregnant then?

Moral of the story keep it private hell wait until you're six months because this could be a rainbow child for some. So someone may not be so happy about it and we have someone who is doing some form of spellwork on someone womb only for them to be gripping their stomach by the end of the month. Seems like Scorpio season is giving you the drama you need only to realize that it is time to close out some cycles for once and all.


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